Jazziel Funkard - Zzzonin!

So we're into the last Sunday of September and already it's got that irascible aberrant feel to it that marks Autumns arrival.

Time to grab the 'erb and get zzonin' - with the likes of Raedawn & Main, Twit One, bugseed, Lunice, Nostaljak and K-Murdock on hand to harmonize those worldly afflictions.

¡Ya Basta!

Click to Download:


Kudos - Slow Tempo
Skipless - Alter
Slide Five - Streamline [Feat. Aiko]
bugseed - Soul Diggin' [Part 2]
Freddie Finger - Abyssal
Raedawn & Main - Session Restore
Twit One - Deep Draw
Haz - Rainbow Hush
Nostaljak - Last Sam
Quiet - Bear Up
Concept - Too Far
Lunice - Sandy Streets
Just Plain Ant - Little Things in Life
Skipless - Ashes
Freddie Finger - Placid Vibes
Deem - Luna
TE1 Prod. - Maybe Onderful [Feat. Yasmin Baker]
bugseed - Tear Loose
King AL - It Looks
EarDr.Umz - SEA 2 LAX
Tom - Waits
Last Order - Summertime
Raedawn & Main - Themlay
Headnodic - Persistence
DJ Mitsu the Beats - Beats of Luv
Freddie Joachim - Night Cap
K-Murdock - Herbie
Cosiner - Nother Kind of Silence
Nomak - Open Out
Omega One - Memento
Kidkanevil - Megajoy [TOKiMONSTA Remix]
Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun
ScholarMan - Passin' Me By
TE1 Prod. - 4:00 AM


ogarotoinvisivel said...

Hello, i cant find the download link online in any site, in this blog i've download the compilation of the streamplayer, but i only can hear the 2 hours song, can u reupload the album? thanks very much, greetings from a brazilian fan :)

Allochthonous Beats said...

Olá o meu amigo!

I've updated the Link above, so you can go ahead and grab it from there.

Appreciate your peepin'


ogarotoinvisivel said...

hi, thanks for the reupload :)

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