Kutmah: World Wide Family Vol. 2; Darkhouse Fam


Kutmah has been busy curating the second volume of World Wide Family over on Brownswood, with this one set to feature the likes of Mo Kolours, Groundislava, Dibia$e, Slugabed, Hudson Mohawke, Mono/Poly, Flako, Dirg Gerner and many more top cats.

Though he was born in Brighton, UK, Kutmah's roots are of course in LA's instrumental hip-hop scene, where he hobnobbed with artists like Flying Lotus, Ras G and The Gaslamp Killer, and started a night called Sketchbook Sessions, a precursor to the celebrated Low End Theory events. In 2010 he was, quite inexplicably, deported back to the UK, which he fought with a publicity push and a string of parties, but to no avail (he's lived in London ever since).

Preview the album snippet below, and keep your ears peeled for the full release. London heads, be sure to get down to the Earnest Endeavours, Kutmah’s re-born Sketchbook night, on the 9th March which'll have Gaslamp joining the party in what'll be seen as a joint double launch for this and Darkhouse Fam's 'In & Out' EP.

01. Mo Kolours - Ridda Mountain
02. Groundislava - Creeper Shit
03. ESMK - Blunt Hopes
04. Seven Davis Jr. - Thanks
05. Slugabed - Sex
06. Sam Irl & Ritornell - Three
07. Dibia$e - Remind Me Somethin'
08. Hudson Mohawke - Are You Feelin Hot?
09. Tehbis - Higher
10. Lapti - Leaving Home
11. Shash'U - LA
12. The Darkhorsemen - Taking Over Empires
13. Samiyam - Medallion
14. Mono/Poly - With Grace
15. Bruce Haack - Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)
16. Tadd Mullinix - Exchanging Modes
17. Flying Lotus - Samsfav
18. Dakim - Typeofblue
19. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug
20. Gaby Hernandez - Twin Flame
21. fLako - Lonely Town feat. Dirg Gerner

In & Out ||
A1 | Take On The World feat. Om’Mas Keith
A2 | Red Leather
A3 | Sticky Trees (Interlude) feat. Vanity Jay
B1 | Tartan Paint
B2 | Snaggletooth
B3 | Like No Other feat. B. Bravo
B4 | In & Out (Reprise)


RBMA: Various Assets Not For Sale (Madrid 2011)


Having posted the talks/seminar's given by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Maseo, you may have gathered that it's the time of year that is attributed to the Red Bull Music Academy application season. Now through April 2 2012, all aspiring musicians can apply for the now high profile and prestigious program. The grads of the 4 week event are well known and documented, as is much of their music. What this also means is that it's that time whereby Red Bull Music Academy get to assembling their annual compilation, this time featuring artists from 2011′s Madrid session. They're making the first 16 tracks available one track at a time, but the full 35-track “Various Assets – Not For Sale” 2011 compilation is set to drop on physical format well, sometime today, and digitally on the 27th February. Meanwhile, you can preview the 16 below, and read up about them here.

EDIT: Here's the link to the full set on Bandcamp.

As this signals the end of the Red Bull year, and dawn of a new one, there's also a mix to chart their ventures of the past year. Having been lucky enough to host workshops in far-flung places like Beirut and Mumbai witness full-on festival action from Tokyo to Detroit, and invite hundreds of amazing music makers old and young into their radio studio. In September and October, they embarked on a 10-stop World Tour that saw them dig in the crates of New York hip hop, re-think some of Italy's cult movie themes, and breathe new life into an iconic recording studio that once shaped the sound of a walled city named Berlin. All of this culminated in five magical weeks in a Jurassic-Park-like compound inside the Matadero Madrid, with 60 incredibly inspiring individuals from all around the globe, more than 30 nightly extravaganzas, and gazillions of musical memories.

Below are some of the tunes that accompanied them on the journey: all created by alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy. From dizzy disco to warped r&b, glowering beat montages to glittering house anthems, sun-drenched folk ballads to mesmerizing love songs, these are the sounds that tracked 2011 at Red Bull Music Academy.

Salva - Wake Ups - Tall Corn Music/Friends Of Friends
Sibian & Faun - I'm Sorry - Numbers
Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay - Warp
ANGO - All That You Can Stand - LuckyMe
New Look - Janet - !K7
Full Crate - Qcta - Wonderful Ear
Palmbomen - Secrets - NON Records
Torreblanca - Si - Arts & Crafts Mexico
Kaval - Seance - Das Drehmoment
Mano Le Tough - Stories - Buzzin' Fly
Andrea Balency Trio - El Desorden - Self-Released
Esperanza - Sirena feat. Banjo Or Freakout - Gomma
Axel Boman - Europa - Studio Barnhus
Tiger & Woods feat. Ad Bourke - Don't Hesitate - Running Back
Nina Kraviz - I'm Week - Rekids
Mr. Statik feat. Joshua Eustis - Ganymedes - BPitch Control
Mr. Beatnick - Synthetes - Don't Be Afraid
Cosmin TRG - Fizic (Original Version) - 50Weapons
Xxxy - Ordinary Things - Ten Thousand Yen
Nguzunguzu - Timesup - Fade II Mind
Brenmar - Temperature Rising - Hum + Buzz
Lukid - Park It Low - Glum
Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cycle - Cosmic Bridge
Jesse Boykins III - B4 The Night Is Thru - NomaDic MuSic
Fatima & Floating Points - Mind - Eglo Records
Jamie Woon - Spiral - Candent Songs


Union: Analogtronics


What do you get when you cross two Parisian producers, one a big Dilla fan and the other a Herbie Hancock jazz lover? Analogtronics!

Union was born when OJ, a Dilla-obsessed beat junkie with an unhealthy obsession for science fiction, met Gold, a jazzhead whose vast collection of vintage keyboards and synths left little room in his flat for trifling vanities like clothing and kitchen appliances. Though both shared a parallel vision for the music of tomorrow, they each occupied opposite corners of Paris’ electro underground when their worlds collided in 2009. OJ, upon catching a flash of Gold’s keyboard prowess at a Belleville loft party, approached the funky technician immediately in hopes of applying his melodic touch to a nearly finished beat tape. Gold loved what he heard, and thus two unique creative energies become one distinct Union.

Now, after waiting patiently behind two singles, a dope video, and a neon-blue triangle shaped vinyl, Union is ready to unleash, via Fat Beats, an MC-packed album in the dawn of 2012 - Analogtronics. Featuring Talib Kweli, Sly Johnson, Elzhi, MF DOOM, Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson, Moka Only, Union produces space-aged bangers that mold perfectly around each guest, in addition to sprinkling in a few lush, eye-widening instrumentals.

1. Intro ||

2. Mystery Part I ||

3. Time Leak feat. Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson ||

4. Cocomango feat. MF DOOM ||

5. Light Odyssey ||

6. Good Morning feat. Moka Only ||

7. Song for Janasa feat. Rachel ||

8. Wings feat. Elzhi ||

9. Fallin’ feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Janice ||

10. Blue ||

11. Preset Mars feat. Roc Marciano ||

12. October Rush ||

13. Digital Delight feat. Guilty Simpson ||

14. Space B-boy ||

15. Sky Dust ||

16. Baby Mama feat. Mani Hoffmann ||

17. Mystery Part II ||

As if that wasn't tight enough, Damu The Fudgemunk has reworked a couple of remixes. Limited release 7″ on white vinyl for the hardcore collectors are out there now available at Fat Beats. Damu's Y Society take is so fresh.

Wings (Redef Remix) ||
Coco Mango Feat. Insight (Y Society Power Outage Remix) ||

Coco Mango (Redef Boy Scout Remix) ||


Diggs Duke Plays Herbie Hancock


This is a collection of 4 Herbie Hancock songs converted by Diggs Duke into 3 arrangements (in tribute to the legendary composer/pianist). Whilst your here on the slow-jazz funk grind, be sure to go and check out his debut EP Gravity, and his sophomore Black Gold.


Lakim - Elevate; Trebles and Blues - The Blue Note

el · e · vate -

1. To move to a higher place or position from a lower one.
2. To increase the amplitude, intensity, or volume of.
3. To promote to a higher rank.
4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level.
5. To lift the spirits of.
- The sound expands. Souls uplift. Head nods commence.

After helping release the fantastic Trebles & Blues tape, we are now introduced to a new member of the Soul Dojo collective, Lakim with his release E L E V A T E. Lakim is the newest addition to The Soul Dojo family and definitely reps it right and brings that ill vibe with this instrumental project.

& here was that Trebles and Blues release if you slept on it.

Free download on that one, here.


Evil Genius Soundsystem Vol. 1


Came across this Dutch venture last night which answers to the name of 'Evil Genius Soundsystem Volume 1'. The project consists of Henning, Jaystar, City Lights and JeeJaa. Track 10 Villains Day Off by Henning is easily the standout for me.

Henning: Villains Day Off ||

Preview the album below, and then you can get it for free

01. Jaystar - Fatal Strike
02. Henning - Bill Murray Swag
03. City Lights - Liquid Combat
04. Jeejaa - Hoochie Operator
05. City Lights - Determined
06. Henning - Heroes Get Popped
07. City Lights - Outlaw Code
08. Jaystar - Doctor Mosquito's Payback
09. Jeejaa - Mirage
10. Henning - Villains Day Off
11. Jeejaa - Pick A Side
12. Jaystar - Gutterfeeling

The only previous i'd heard from any of these cats was the brief joint Wada Tah that Henning upped on his soundcloud last winter.


Gonjasufi: MU.ZZ.LE


MU.ZZ.LE. Unlike his debut album, 2010's A Sufi and a Killer, a sprawling collaborations with LA producer Gaslamp Killer, MU.ZZ.LE is entirely Gonjasufi's own, and it shows in its unrelenting concentration. The 10 songs together barely make 25 minutes and each one has been distilled to an essence. As before, it contains within what makes him angry with himself, with his 'life of sin' ; furious with the greedy, and those who divide to rule; fearful of God; and respectful of fate. It gives succour and offers another pause for thought to those who find living at times uneasy.

Gonjasufi and fellow San Diegan noise-break purveyor Psychopop have centered their production around a codeine-paced, heavy-headed swoon that still manages to bristle with an undercurrent of stress. Psychopop handles beats for four of the 10 cuts, and their half-speed wooziness is like the musical equivalent of the slow-motion running you might experience in an unsettling dream. The headswimming electric piano blues of "White Picket Fence" and the loping, pendulous guitar in "Feedin' Birds" set the pace, ethereal as it is, and get a surprising amount of pull from their downtempo floatiness.

But Gonjasufi's own production is just as steeped in dubbed-out, crumbly atmospherics. The bass in "Venom" glows and throbs, peppered with a jingling percussion timbre halfway between a tambourine and a handful of change. "Blaksuit" sounds like a vintage funk 45 flipped to 33, its twangy loop pacing back and forth like a half-finished thought. It is archetypal Gonjasufi, Nevada hip hop, lethargic guitar. And even when the snares pop, as they do on "Nikels and Dimes", they do so through a thick coating of resin and ash.

The words aren't always clear through the fog of reverb, though this might be by design, some statement on how the plain truth of honest words can be sometimes hard to understand. But the agitated sentiments remain clear, whether castigating against the abuse of privilege in "Nikels and Dimes" or straining to maintain an interpersonal connection on "Rubberband". When Sumach's wife April has a wraithlike torch-singer turn in the second half of "Feedin' Birds" and distantly doubles up his lead on "Skin", it's to act as a sweetly voiced counterpart to lyrics that allude to guilt, death, and a search for love. And when the funereal lo-fi new wave of "The Blame" emerges near the end of the 24 1/2-minute running length, it's the late peak of a record that wrings out a devastated man's crisis of consciousness. Ecks is once again as lyrically evocative as he is vocally idiosyncratic. He warns on 'Feedin' Birds' that there is no solution, and he cannot be counted upon. The female backing vocals on 'Skin' pile on a sense of psychic claustrophobia, nonchalant or disinterested. Do they echo his words back to him, or taunt him in their repetition?

MU.ZZ.LE's palette is muted, but not solely doom. Joy and clarity (mental and sonic) punctuate the murk. 'Nikels & Dimes' begins with a happy, giggling child, before skewering inequality with a blunt lucidity. 'The Blame' is sudden, surefooted (both in production and intent), its defiance borne of a crisis of faith. Crucially though, such 'positives' only heighten the sense of deep disquiet, they are fleeting counterpoints or quixotic self-delusions. The happy child soon leaves. The clarity is pure mania, a fantasy, doomed to slip away unfulfilled.

The album finishes by tumbling into 'Sniffin'' the most energetic, but least comprehensible track. We're left by turns ill at ease, sharing in joy, defiant and cowed. MU.ZZ.LE is a document of mania, claustrophobia, depression, fervent religiosity, crippling self-doubt, clarity and paranoia – as thrilling as it is troubling. It might be a transitional point on Gonjasufi's path and it shows just one face of an eclectic, multifaceted performer. But it's also that rare album that feels meditative and cathartic all at once.

White Picket Fence ||

Feedin' Birds ||

Nickels and Dimes ||

Rubberband ||

Venom ||

Timeout ||

Skin ||

The Blame ||

Blacksuit ||

Sniffin' ||

Head here to grab this.




Badbadnotgood have just put this up on their bandcamp. It's a live recording from their appearance at Koko last month. Having tackled the likes of DOOM in BBNGLIVE 1, this second entry to their live catalogue has the jazz trio taking on some familiar and newer tunes. It was recorded during the band's set at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards. They also inform us that the second release BBNG2 is to drop next month, and having offered their take on a few Dilla joints of late, we're hoping to here some progression with that.

Head here for the download and peek their Bandcamp for BBNGLIVE 1 if you missed it. I've also embedded the first 'album' below for those that missed it at the time. With the triumvirate taking on Flylo, Slum Village, Gang Starr, Nas, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and…the Legend of Zelda! Oh yeah. Light a cigar, grab the whisky, and enjoy.

Download this one here.


Glenn Underground: Forgotten Art


Just passed 'Pancake Day' so it's only right that this track gets posted...

OK. OK. That was cheap! It does however, bring me onto Glenn Underground's latest album. Switching it up a little with this one, as it's a release I've been having a lot of fun with of late. Glenn Crocker aka Glenn Underground is the founding member of the Strictly Jaz Unit. He was raised on disco classics and freeform jazz in Chicago's Southside, the place where house music was born. Taking inspiration from Chicago's original pioneers, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy, Lil' Louis, and the like, he's one that is able to walk the line between deep jazz house, disco influenced house, and the kind of classics featured at the legendary parties of late 70's Chicago. This one serves up his usual smooth clappers; modern instrumental club music at it’s most soulful, jazz aware and able – the beats and rhythms drive the sound, but there’s so much vibrant, live energy here – keys, horns and eclectic percussion in particular. Classic dance music from 70s jazz & disco to benchmark house influences flow in and out, but it’s also profoundly contemporary without copping to current trends. Enjoy!

1. “Strumming & Thinking” ||

2. “Forgotten Art (Music)” ||

3. “Gospel 1″ ||

4. “Robots & Bumblebees” (A Tribute To Patrick James) ||

5. “Safe At Home” ||

6. “Shiloh (A King’s Return)” ||

7. “Silent Pimp (Peace In My Place)” ||

8. “Tabernacle” ||

9. “We, The Party (Lets Get Down)” ||

10. “What’s Next” ||

11. “Peace For Nippon (Japan)” ||

You can grab this one over on Juno, or at your usual outlets.


Low End Theory Japan 2012


Low End Theory is back in Japan in just over a month's time, and to accompany the tour they're putting out a compilation curated by Hashim Bharoocha, the man behind the LA Loves JPN comps from this past year, to be released on Disques Corde March 7th 2012. For regular tweekers of Low End Theory and Alpha Pup, much of this will look and sound quite familiar, but is still a nice addition to the library for the collector nonetheless. Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, Nocando, D-Styles, Nosaj Thing and Samiyam will all be back in Asia from the 16-19 March. I'll be hitting the final leg, on the 19th @ Unit.

March 16 Sapporo 札幌 @ BONDZ
March 17 Himeji 姫路 @ Fab-space
March 18 Osaka 大阪 @ Universe
March 19 Tokyo 東京 @ UNIT

1. Nosaj Thing - Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Jonwayne - Crumbled Luna
3. Dot - Artichoke
4. Nobody - Hey Love (On Our Own) (Instrumental)
5. Ras G - Sun Behind the Clouds
6. Co.fee - Gypsy Skirt
7. Gaslamp Killer - Anything Worse
8. Samiyam - Sunrise
9. ELOS - Airliner’s Patio
10. Nocando - Hurry Up And Wait
11. Free The Robots - Rattlesnake
12. Dibiase - Skullcrack
13. D-Styles - Cliffords Mustache
14. Kone - Cheese Grater
15. Daddy Kev - Little Doggy
16. Virtual Boy - Mass


RBMA: Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Maseo


Red Bull Music Academy recently caught up with ATCQ's Ali Shaheed Muhammed and De La Soul's Maseo in LA for a chat about the impact of the Native Tongues and the "golden-era" sound of Hip Hop. In addition to work with ATCQ, Shaheed was of course a founding member of Lucy Pearl as well as a founding member of production group The Ummah, alongside Dilla and Q-Tip. In 2004, he released his solo debut, Shaheedullah and Stereotypes. This lecture was held as part of Boombox’s 5th annual celebration of the life and music of J Dilla in Los Angeles and hosted by Cognito from Frolab.


Anenon: ‘Acquiescence’ EP


A companion piece to the upcoming full-length debut ‘Inner Hue’ from Anenon (aka Non Projects founder Brian Allen Simon), ‘Acquiescence’ is a moment in time, frozen. It’s a diary of acceptance, of surrendering into your surroundings and not looking back. It feels unhurried and relaxed, yet this EP was entirely recorded in Madrid, Spain at the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy and was only later arranged back in Los Angeles. Besides one sine wave bass line on the title track, everything else stems from his own piano and saxophone improvisations and a string quartet that he wrote a little arrangement for.

“Clairvoyance” sets the scene with delicately seductive dissonances between slowly repetitive piano chords on top of a curtain of saxophone drones. Harmonic staccato reed slaps from the saxophone arrive and build, polyrhythms budding against each other, a perfect compliment to what comes next.

Arguably the standout of the EP, the title track is a push-and-pull dialogue between ivories, breathy and melodic saxophone playing, a string quartet and drum programming. One of Brian’s most cinematic pieces yet, the tension between all elements is palpable - polyphonic lines of highly melodic and reverb soaked saxophone coalescing into each other on top of a bed of stark piano chords and contrapuntal strings, technical yet physically human drum programming pushing each line forward into the ether. “Rites” closes out the set with an affectionate and upfront piano refrain over sequenced 909 kicks and blankets of piano decay and ambience – layers of an artist’s dreams and desires seeping through the speakers throughout.

Acquiescence ||

Right click here to download, this and keep your ears peeled for Anenon's new EP and LP drop on March 27 and May 1, respectively.

Whilst we're here with Non Projects, I thought i'd take just a minute to embed label-mate Asura aka Ryan Yorke's If I Am This Forest.


Monday Jazz


The hiatus through January meant that there was a Jazz shaped void left on the Mondays... To make up for it, here is a plethora of mixes courtesy of the gents over on MondayJazz that brings us up to date with episode 212 stopping off in Oslo, Australia and Aberdeen en-route.

First up #204 came from the heart of Russia, and more specifically from the heart of the Siberian cat Bhzvillain who tells us

"I've cooked this mix for two reasons. One of them is to make you to want to get up and make some coffee and eggs for breakfast, then look in the mirror and see a shining smile. And the second reason is to present Russian music producers to the Europe. I think, a little of those producers are known there."

Right click here, to download #204.

01. Tommy Blunt - 9 утра (9 am)
02. Parfen - Last voice
03. Camel Crock - Piano Fool
04. OL - Mi Zdes (We're Here)
05. ManSkuzni - Smoke break
06. Pandus Dlia Invalidov - Wednesday
07. Naked Gang - 2ц (2c)
08. K.A.K.A.O. (+StUpor) - What You Do
09. vxlam - dudku-dui
10. Spher∆ k∆ - k∆fe
11. Космонавты - Дядькам (To Buddys)
12. Orlando15 - Perfect Day (Brushed My Thoughts)
13. Flaty - baydayz
14. Lingvisto - Believe the Sun
15. Ap6y3-vkashy
16. choco.bear - Та-Да (Ta-Da)
17. Ufmo - 25i
18. Loft Produxions - Soul Transfer
19. JGorsh - Bay
20. SunMan24 - Holiday
21. cardio rhythm - ▲bouty○u
22. Je - Просыпайся (prod. Mo'No)


#205 was from Uraki Riddim aka Alexander Horne. Horne) is a Scottish DJ and graphic designer who has organized the successful Drop (2011 - ) and DO IT!(2008 - 2011) club concepts in Norway and Aberdeen. This one encompasses skweee, hip hop and even some avant garde electro from the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Mweslee, Daniel Savio, Shackleton, Dorian Concept and Onra as a bit of a homage to guests to have graced these nights.

Right click here, to download #205.

It Came From Uruk by Uraki Riddim

1. Nabo 'Intro (Brain)'
2. Don Papa 'Pol (Atmosphere)'
3. Ammon Contact 'Stab and Loop'
4. Wagon Christ 'Wake Up'
5. Kelpe 'Taps On'
6. Dorian Concept 'United Tree'
7. Tokimonsta 'BreadySoul'
8. Washed Out 'Before'
9. Hard Mix 'Upkeep'
10. The Blessings 'Moranis Riding Ants
11. Com Truise 'VHS Sex'
12. Arp 101 'Warriors Galactic'
13. Onra 'Moving'
14. Mweslee 'Variations pour CX Pallas'
15. Cabaret Voltaire 'Bad Self' (Part One)
16. Aardvarck 'BLooM 5'
17. Flying Lotus 'Zodiac Shit'
18. Paul White 'Alien Nature'
19. Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat 'Game Over'
20. O.Boogie feat. Tableek 'Paper Chaser' (Mweslee's Dolla Dolla Bill'Ya remix)
21. Ill Suono 'Angel Beat' (Dabrye remix)
22. Debruit 'Turkish ish'
23. Daniel Savio 'Monkey Pee Monkey Poo'
24. Beatbully 'Kosmisk Regn'
25. Chanca Via Circuito feat. Fauna 'La Revancha De Chancha'
26. Chanca Via Circuito'Puente'
27. Shackelton 'Hamas Rule'


Back to Oslo, and DJ Baz who re-ups his second installment of the FutureSoulFlow mixes. Baz is the pilot of the space shuttle in which you're sitting right now. Look around. Planet Earth is the place we had all dwelled but it's cold and soulless now. It will be soulful again someday. This is how that rhythm of Earthcore will sound. Needless to say this one has got that delightful languidness about it.

Right click here, to download #206.

1.Bibio - Lovers' Carvings (Letherette Remix)
2.Sly Johnson - Slaave 2
3.Boho Fau - Feelin This
4.Oddisee & Trek Life - Still Never Rains Instr
5.Steve Spacek - Hidden Track
6.Flako & Dirg Gerner - I want you
7.Reggie B - 12Meaning
8.Dal Gren - Sexy Soul
9.Daru Jones - Tell me
10.Oddisee & Trek Life - What It Is
11.Eagle Nebula - Waiting
12.A Race Of Angels - We
13.Sly Johnson - I.S.A.R.
14.Letherette - In July
15.fLako - Humming
16.Ebrahim - Senioreeba
17.Unknown - 3 Sexxy
18.Zebrahim - Zoning
19.Donwill & Von Pea - Turkey


Over in Poland, Buszkers and Groh from U Know Me records /(JuNouMi Crew) bring some soon-to-be-classic beats and some expressions of their love to hip-hop.

Right click here, to download #208.

Ear Candies by JuNouMi crew

1. Stalley - Pound
2. Salva - Beached
3. Teielte - Selcouth (Liquid Molly Remix)
4. Modelesektor - Berlin
5. Hudson Mohawke - Cbat
6. Adam F - Circles (Philip D Kick Footwork Edit)
7. Notorious BIG - Goin Back To Cali (Eprom Edit)
8. Pac Div - Posted
9. Kidkanevil - ZoOoOoOp feat. Oddisee
10. LDFD - Twerk It
11. Lil' Flip vs Dorian Concept - I'm A Balla vs Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Patchwork Pirates Refix)
12. Canblaster - Clockworks (Teki Latex & ParaOne Remix)
13. fLako - Broken Toy
14. Machinedrum - I'm A Brat
15. A$AP Rocky - Get Lit feat. Fat Tony
16. Teielte - Fire
17. POLYP - One Two


Finally, we are provided an Oasis of peace through antipodean cat Elliot and his gramophone. A very mysterious and inspirational dark jazzy trip this one, ensure that the lights are dimmed for this as it'll exude an experience of the arcane occult.

Right click here, to download #212.

Midnight Jazz by Elliot

1) Terra Subfonica - Daniel Blinkhorn
2) Trade winds, White heat - Tim Hecker
3) Faul - Bohren & Der club of gore
4) Munmorah - Trios meets Jan Jelinek
5) Flyktig - Pjusk
6) Pintar el sol (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) - Chancha Via Circutio
7) Phantom of the panther - Mulatu Astatke / The Heliocentric
8) The moving finger - Dorothy Ashby
9) Gol-E-Gandom - Lloyd Miller
10) Matovu - Bor'chu - Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Ron Carter, Jerome Richardson, Gade Tate and Jonathan Klien
11) Zoombah Lu - James Tatum
12) Untitled 4 - Daedelus & Teebs
13) Bamboo - Cristoph El' Truento
14) So we can move (Teebs Remix) - Exile
15) The roots - Long Arm
16) Warm Jazz rain - Elliot
17) Sherbrooke - Biosphere
18) Moment Returns - Triosk
19) Sketches of Israel - The Michael Garrick Trio
20) Why Can't I come to you - Patty Waters
21) If you love me - Shirley Horn
22) Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Charles Mingus
23) Journey in satchidananda - Alice Coltrane
24) Song of the highwire shrimper - Tim Hecker
25) Piano wav - Machinefabriek


Hudson Mohawke's Valentines Slowjams (Chapter V); Dillantines Day (Mr-E)


Comme chaque année, Hudson Mohawke vous donne sa sélection des meilleurs hymnes de la St-Valentin. Alors enjoy!

5 years deep, the LuckyMe kid Hudson Mohawke returns with the definitive soundtrack to Valentines. Look, cancel that reservation. Put the money into good pizza and champagne. You’re getting this shit for free so buy your spiritual counterpoint something: the Heathers DVD. A single rose. Some salted caramels. Whatever. You got all the other magic you need right here. And if you’re alone tonight that’s okay; being into shit like this you’re gonna be fine. Buy yourself those caramels, kick back in your dune-buggy or lay down naked on your sushi table, light a candle and turn up the mids on this!


As an alternative option, if you're still imbibing the Dilla love, let this one spin. It's courtesy of Manchester's Mr-e, and is 1 year old to this day but as we know those Dilla vibes are amaranthine.

Intro/Words From Ma Dukes (Mr. E Edit) – J Dilla
The Look Of Love Pt. 1 – J-88
The Look Of Love (Jay Dee Remix) – J-88
Find A Way – A Tribe Called Quest
Time: The Donut of the Heart – J Dilla
Won’t Do – J Dilla
Climax – Slum Village
Sometimes (Jay Dee Remix) – The Brand New Heavies ft. Q-Tip
The Light - Common
Love – J Dilla ft. Pharoahe Monch
Think Twice – J Dilla
2U4U – Slum Village
Two Can Win – J Dilla
Don’t Cry - J Dilla
She Said (Jay Dee Remix) – The Pharcyde
Crushin’ – J Dilla
Tell Me – Slum Village ft. D’Angelo
Baby – J Dilla ft. Guilty Simpson & Madlib
Fall In Love – Slum Village
Bye - J Dilla
So Far To Go - J Dilla ft. Common & D’Angelo
U-Love - J Dilla




Maggz: Winter Selection


In a short amount of time I’ve become very intrigued by Columbus, Ohio’s Maggz. After being introduced to him first as a producer for Intricate Sunz, then hearing some of their stuff as Trilateral, he released the first in a series of instrumental EPs based on the seasons. After Soundscapes: Autumn Selection came out, well, last autumn, he comes back with his winter collection.

Head to the bandcamp for the download.

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