The Daily Street 015: James Fox


Fresh off the back of his hit release “New Jack Swing” on the brand new Well Rounded Housing Project, The Daily Street welcome James Fox to their mixtape series.

Over the last year James Fox seems to have rocketed and is now a rather familiar household name to most people into the House and Bass Music scene that’s bubbling along at the moment. With his first release on TAKE Records receiving a remix from Ramadanman on the flip, he made a strong arrival. Moving on from that, his debut for the brand new sub-label of Donga’s infamous Well Rounded too the scene by storm, easily making it’s way onto the list of top tunes for 2011. It seemed like the perfect time to get James involved in the TDS mixtape series. Away from his music career, James is also a passionate man when it comes to fine clothing, loving nothing more than a good browse of Liberty’s, so it makes twice as much sense.

For mixtape 015 James takes us on a smooth House trip that draws music from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Photek, Julio Bashmore, Cosmin TRG and Doc Daneeka’s super-exclusive unreleased remix of Skream’s “Where You Should Be”. Overall it’s a very fluent mix that sums up what’s going on in the UK underground House scene at the moment. Wise up your ears with this mix and keep them tuned for a remix for Jack Dixon & Robin Card which is due on TAKE Records very soon..

01. Kevin McPhee – One52 [Unreleased]
02. Deadboy – Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Remix) [Forthcoming Well Rounded]
03. Dorisburg – Emotion [Kann]
04. Cosmin TRG – Bijoux [Hessle Audio]
05. James Fox – Close Your Eyes [Unreleased]
06. dOP – I’m Just A Man (Jackmate’s Rejacked Version) [Eklo]
07. Brawther – Do It Yourself [secretsundaze]
08. Skream – Where You Should Be (Doc Daneeka Remix) [Unreleased]
09. Maya Jane Coles – Little One [20:20 Vision]
10. Dennis Ferrer – Transitions [Defected]
11. Ike – Free To Fly [Philpot]
12. Photek – Mine To Give [Astralwerks]
13. Gel Abril – Spells Of Yoruba (Kaytronik Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
14. Midland – Bring Joy (Youandewan’s Warehouse Dub) [This Is Music]
15. Rhythm & Sound – Free For All (Soundstream Remix) [Burial Mix]

015: James Fox by The Daily Street

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Prison Garde: System Hermes


Prison Garde. Dude is a bonafide trailblazer in numerous arenas, from pioneering entire movements of dance music with parties like Turbo Crunk, to his vigorous fusing of top-shelf design work throughout his musical canon.

He's been creating music for almost 20 years starting as the legendary Sixtoo, then progressing his sound to a more electronic based composition in Montréal, being part of the famed Megasoid (with Hadji Bakara) as SpeakerBruiser and now has taken his act all the way across Canada to Vancouver where, after settling in, he's now metamorphosed into Prison Garde.

Full of 808 kicks and claps, Système Hermès' meter ranges from a slow flow, to more frenetic clips - all whilst retaining an obvious and apparent respect for classic and timeless club concepts, a testament to a player that boasts years in the game.

Much of Prison Garde’s tunes are 808-driven, but his beats are far from traditional trap-rap clones. Phasing through multiple tempos, Prison Garde is capable of taking a d-flo from low-slung funk groove all the way to a dirty, sexed-up disco grind, all with original material. And now it’s all here, for FREE, including his slammin’ 808 edit of The Weeknd’s “What You Need”.

The good fella's over on Subdivision have made this release available for free aswell as indulging the man himself in a Q & A session.

Hit the download after the jump.

I Know You're Mine ||

 L'Automne ||

 New Love Old Girl ||

 Zero ||

 Tokyo Bullet Train ||

 Where You Been? ||

 Be Loved ||

 Nothing ||

 BPM Steady ||

 Sunshine ||

 Lovetreatment Refix ||

 Chicago Transit ||

 Parking Lot ||

 What You Need (Prison Garde 808 Edit) ||


LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 1


The "LA♥JPN♥LA" compilation is a collection of exclusive tracks from artists in Los Angeles and Japan showing their solidarity in supporting the earthquake victims of Japan.

Curated by journalist and DJ Hashim B., Vol. 1 of the series features rising stars from the Low End Theory and L.A. beat scene such as Sweatson Klank(formerly Take), Mike Gao, Co.fee, Ras G, and Samiyam, as well as the new generation of Japanese beatmakers influenced by the L.A. scene such as Emufucka, fitz ambro$e, Bun, MONO X MONKEY, ichiro_, and a.z.

Mellower tracks contributed by Mitsu the Beats of Tokyo's Jazzy Sport, 80's electro-funk revivalist and Stones Throw artist Dam-Funk, and Japanese producers such as Inner Science, Chikaramanga(TRES Records), Rebel Musical, Shingo Suzuki, and Coffee & Cigarettes Band, show the diversity of the beat movement. Indie rockers Free Moral Agents contributed a fierce and emotional rendition of "IOLITE" recorded at Low End Theory. Kutmah features MC Dakim on the avant-rap track "It Started In The Heart", and Low End Theory resident MC Nocando created "West Side Rentals" produced by DJ Nobody in dedication to the people of Japan.

Acoustic and ambient tones from artists such as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino, Golden HIts, Gaby Hernandez, and Turn On The Sunlight provide a sonic healing aspect to the collection.

Though the compilation's focus is to offer longterm support to earthquake victims in Japan, it is also a means of introducing new talent from L.A. and Japan, and shedding light on the cross-cultural exchange that is happening between the two regions.

Vol. 2 which is set to be released in late August, will feature heavier beats and experimental rap from up and coming artists in L.A. and Japan, while Vol. 3 which will be released in September will focus on leftfield artists from the respective scenes.

All proceeds of the compilation series will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross and Civic Force to help those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake.

1. Into Eternity Carlos Nino + Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

2. Wait So Long DJ Mitsu the Beats

3. IT STARTED IN THE HEART Kutmah feat. Dakim

4. Ghost of a Rose Emufucka

5. Morning After Pills (Instrumental) Sweatson Klank

6. nitta B fitz ambro$e

7. Japan Groove Dam-Funk

8. Vilal Loop MONO X MONKEY

9. Liv Inn Co.fee

10. Rakuda (駱駝) Ramza

11. Fullspeed Mike Gao

12. Just Like That Bun / Fumitake Tamura

13. Change Ras G

14. beat71 a.z

15. The Ripple Gaby Hernandez & The Life Force Trio

16. lighting Inner Science

17. Pillowillow Golden Hits

18. Rebirth Shingo Suzuki

19. Mi Hermano Chikaramanga

20. From C&C With Love Coffee & Cigarettes Band

21. helping hand Samiyam

22. No…No… u..

23. IOLITE (live at the low end theory) FREE MORAL AGENTS

24. The Silver (銀の腕輪) REBEL MUSICAL feat. FULL VIOLET

25. West SIde Rentals Nocando

26. near from here ichiro_

27. I Love You (ambient) Turn On The Sunlight

Cop it now over on Boomkat


Finest Ego: Faces 12" Series & August Mix


Project: Mooncircle & Finest Ego have teamed up to establish a fresh new 12” producer series, entitled “Faces”. On every edition, you will find two different producers. Respectively, each producer will have their own record-side and unique cover artwork by the aspring LNY, known for his surrealistic portraits, blending humans and animals.

The very first installment of the “Faces” series will feature the two prolific beathsmiths Pavel Dovgal & Ta-Ku. Coming from backgrounds which could not possibly be any more different – Ta-Ku has Philippine roots and grew up in Australia while Pavel was born in Russia and moved to Ukraine at young age – these two artists share a common connection through their relentless work-ethic and individualistic creative approach to making music. They have been fighting for international recognition with their extravagant beats, just like the Megasoma & Hercules beetles fight for female recognition with their extravagant horns.

Pavel Dovgal was born in Vladivostok, Russia and moved to Ukraine at quite a young age, where he realized that his true calling was music. His music is experimental, surprising, and daring and his talent and hard work have brought him local musical success. (The release in 2010 of his first solo album on Project Mooncircle turned this local success into international recognition.) Pavel’s music is a trip into a fable and his medium is the music of different genres: Hip Hop, Dubstep, Glitch, Wonky and Downbeat, used to form pictures. His work is free spirited and there are hints of feelings, allusions, enigma and mystery. We won’t get into the inner workings of his music, how it finds its way into the hearts and souls of the audience, the important thing is that it serves its purpose.

Recent Redbull Academy participant, Reggie ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews, has gone from strength to strength and has released a plethora of beat tapes and with releases set to drop in 2011, this future beat maker has a lot more coming and many more releases to unleash.

LNY is an artist living and working between New Jersey and New York. He makes art that is drawing based, social and open to the public in general; hence his drawings can be found pasted on buildings all over the world as well as in galleries and on 16-year-old kids’ tumblrs all over the internet. He is one half of Doodledrag, a New Jersey based doodling collective and always welcomes collaboration.

As for the release, Dovgal is no stranger to this corner of the Interwebs, though you’ll be glad to hear his sound continues to grow with each new release. His palette is opening up, giving his beats more room to breathe and evolve, giving them a somewhat organic edge. Ta-Ku is a completely different beast, creating more robotic, synthesized beats. The two play nicely off of one another. While both go in slightly different directions, they obviously have no compunction about nailing a groove.

Preview it below, and then head to the Bandcamp to pre-order.


Accompanying the release, comes the latest monthly mix from Finest Ego - seasonably curated by our man Ta-Ku.

Catch the first, second and third installments here.

01. Mndsgn ft. KnXledge & Suzi Analogue – Bananacase
02. Waajeed – Tetris
03. Teebs – Why Like This?
04. Full Crate & Mar – She Was Fly
05. Kan Sano – Dream In
06. RLP – LLL
07. KnXledge – Kanaloap(Layte)
08. Klipmode – Actriz
09. King Knut – Stavanger
10. Häzel – Twilight
11. M-Phazes – Piano Track
12. M-Phazes – Untitled
13. Tony Ozier – Back To The Mitten
14. 14KT – The Meaning
15. Swiff D – Gone B Alright
16. M-Phazes – Swaggeriffic
17. J-Dilla – Don’t Cry
18. J-Dilla – One Eleven

Artwork by Mei Swan Lim

Right click here, to download.


Dibia$e - Montreal July 2011


In a small east coast Canadian tour, the head spinner, light dimmer, 3 knockout count winner aka the diabolical Dibiase had a date spinning vibes in Toronto, Québec City as well as Montréal. The guys over on Music Is My Sanctuary got a podcast and an interview out of the Green Llama for those of us that missed out!

Right click here, to download.


ICASEA: One More For Japan


“Benefit Compilation For Japan” is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the March 11th Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and to those affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to assist in the rebuilding of peoples lives and the recovery of the devastated areas. The proceeds will be split between the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund and the special accounts set up by the regional governments of the affected areas for the acceptance of monetary donations."

75 tracks, over 5 hours playing time, and at only £7 this is not to be missed. ICASEA‘s 76-track “Benefit Compilation for Japan” is chock full of innovative and often gorgeous electronic ranging from IDM, dub and hip-hop to ambient, lounge and glitch. ICASEA was established in 2008 by Satoshi Aizawa, Tom Knapp and Alex Peverett as a platform for physical and digital domain releases from sound artists and electronic musicians working in various locations across the globe and to this day maintains it's status as one of the top electronic labels.

Featuring Luke Vibert, Autechre, VHS Head, Team Doyobi, Neil Landstrumm, DJ Stingray, The Wyrding Module, Mogwai, Russell Haswell....

1. Ametsub – Wind Day 04:47
2. Lambent – Soul of Souls 02:26
3. Emufucka – Paradigm City 02:34
4. Riglychang – Embedded 02:20
5. Ichiro – One for Kamaishi 02:18
6. Kienra with Selfsays – The Journey 03:12
7. Fitz Ambro$e – Extt&Broklee 02:46
8. Sir Froderick – Timeslow 01:26
9. Reill – Daily Life 02:50
10. Sauce 81 – Pocket full of 03:32
11. RLP – LLL 02:40
12. Luke Vibert – Childance 03:42
13. Monomic – Sunbathing 05:04
14. Repeat Pattern – Want You 03:12
15. Limonious – Interior 03:22
16. Mesak – Bringing Home Some Fleas 03:58
17. Cuverville – Space Plumber 04:00
18. The Blessings – Iguanadon 03:28
19. Ultragamma – Exhibition 03:08
20. Ahnnu – Skeeprism 01:27
21. AZ – Beat 74 04:26
22. Vicnet – Stopthings 04:32
23. Wankers United – Timimoun 04:56
24. Team Doyobi – Time Blanket 04:06
25. Nuearz – S l o p p y M a n a g e m e n t 07:32
26. Neil Landstrumm – Beauty SQ 03:31
27. Zero Charisma – Spectravision 06:14
28. VHS Head – Don’t Open The Door 04:44
29. Analogue Wood and Michael Winslow – Unified at Delta 03:58
30. Bun – Voice 02:10
31. Lazercrotch – Get Up On It 03:48
32. Cygnus – Sendai7tr7 03:46
33. Autechre – Ts1a 09:02
34. MADE – Clean Section 03:50
35. Dj Stingray – Sendai Love 03:45
36. S>>D – Sentry 04:15
37. Moglahals – Agito Alynos 08:45
38. Luh – Outland Systems II 03:34
39. Poborsk – Kepler Cubes 06:48
40. 5K3K51 – Solaryr 05:10
41. Stellar Om Source – Team X 04:17
42. Voyetra – High Rise Reflections by Night 02:04
43. The Wyrding Module & Skeksi – TEP (Wyrding Transformation) 04:32
44. Antennasia – Nightcamel (Icaseatic Aching Melt : Version by Team Doyobi) 07:54
45. Vizier of Damascus – Nizami XI (Hidden Mountain) 04:58
46. Zero Charisma – Bronze & Silicon 02:37
47. BBC – BBC Sendai 04:10
48. Takeshi Muto – Susio 01:55
49. Isocore – Yamaha AD 03:02
50. Nuearz – Misinterpretation 05:12
51. Joe Lentini – 101 Old Winter 03:22
52. Jazz Mags – Impro 4 Two 01:04
53. Subjex – Melting Point 05:26
54. Geskia – Bud 9 Geskia! 05:30
55. Collapsoft – ◣╱∑◥╲╱╲▂◤ 02:28
56. CliffordandCalix – Follow 05:56
57. Laurel Halo – Strength in Free Space 04:56
58. NMB – Dataishi 05:41
59. ZK – Can Somebody Please Stop Sendai From Shaking 06:30
60. Daz Quayle – Microplate 06:02
61. Dalglish – KシYンOパUKシAーN 04:58
62. The Wyrding Module – Gravity Tomb 13:38
63. Lee Gamble – RCLL Regularity Propuls 03:18
64. Ahket – w/o 03:51
65. Collapsoft – ┏━━━━━━━━━╯ ┓ 01:55
66. Ynys Enlli – Urato Section 04:26
67. Denis Dufour – The Blob 10:16
68. 36 – Night Flight 03:42
69. Polysick – Februa 06:31
70. Freeform – Darklebeatle 05:26
71. Mogwai – Mexican GP edit 04:10
72. Russell Haswell – Dedicated To People Of Minamisanriku 07:00
73. Konx-Om-Pax – Govanhill Baths Live Recording 01:32
74. Seesaw – Bird 02:34
75. DTCPU – Outro w_Ichiro 01:22
76. Icasea – After the Quake (Sendai 2008)

Cover image and animated gif by Nicolas Sassoon. The Compilation is available now on Bandcamp.




Finest Ego - UK/Ireland Compilation


As beats and producers in and around hip hop enjoyed a renaissance of interest and impact in the last decade, certain geographical locations established themselves to form an axis of production innovation hubs. In North America you had Los Angeles, Ann Harbor and Montreal. In Europe there was Glasgow in Scotland, Dublin in Ireland and London in England.

It was thanks to certain young producers that parts of the UK and Ireland became focal points in this beats renaissance. People such as Hudson Mohawke in Glasgow, Mike Slott in Dublin – who worked closely together in their formative years – and Paul White in London. In many ways these three producers were a perfect example of the diverse approaches that could be heard at the time. They each had, and still have, distinct styles and ideas and from the mid to the late 00s established themselves as household names. Each carved a niche for himself in the ever expanding and changing world of hip hop and electronic productions and emerged from what was then a small, but growing, underground phenomenon to wider public acclaim in recent years. In their wake a new generation of producers arose to further expand upon and develop what hip hop and electronic productions can come to mean in the 21st century. Thanks primarily to the internet, this new generation found itself no longer geographically limited with the entire world becoming quite literally everyone’s playground.

The Finest Ego United Kingdom and Ireland compilation is the latest installment in a global series shining a light on new and established production talent. Following from editions covering Japan, Russia and Australia and New Zealand, this new installment brings forward 25 producers from every corner of the British and Irish isles.

On one side you have established talents like Mr Beatnick, Eliott Yorke (of Royalty and Foreign Beggars fame), Kelpe, Jay Scarlett (of Beat Dimensions fame), Om Unit, Sound Species and Ean (formerly Various Production) who have each been working in and around the UK scene for close to a decade now. And on the other side you’ve got upcoming – sometimes under new names – talents: Danny Drive Thru from Manchester, S Type and Soosh from Scotland, Darkhouse Family, Monky and Mr Healan from Wales, Bobby Tank and fLako from London, Lapalux from Essex, Huess from Bath, Benjamin One from Bristol, Sert One from Northern Ireland and Eomac, T-Woc, Naive Ted, Mikey Fingers & Vince Mack Mongrul and Melodica Deathship from Ireland. All these producers have been slowly but surely establishing their names in hip hop and electronic circles over the last few years.

Finest Ego United Kingdom and Ireland compilation represents many of the best talent around these isles today. It is by no means a definitive document though it is one of the strongest and most relevant ones you’ll find today. From straight up hip hop styles to downtempo, ambient electronica via boogie, dub and techno interpretations, Finest Ego UK and Ireland represents a snapshot of some of the best established and upcoming producers in these countries at the beginning of the ’10s.

01 Punta Skala -Don Leisure
02 Beat Imperial – Kelpe
03 Black Gestapo – Danny Drive Thru
04 Survivor – Seagull Mansion
05 Ode to Vomitea Grey School – Naive Ted, Mikey Fingers & Vince Mack Mongrul
06 Wotchagonnado – Mr Beatnick
07 Baby Love – Mr Healan
08 Drink Don’t Drive – Huess
09 Where Is Everyone – Darkhouse Family
10 Oi Stalker – Benjamin One
11 Clever Carl – Ean
12 Roll Dat – T-Woc
13 Feel It All Now – Soosh and Gards from KC
14 On 2 You – Bobby Tank
15 Dr Funkenstein – Arp 101 & Om Unit
16 Seanie’s Beat – Eomac
17 Slide Away – Jay Scarlett
18 Naiad – Om Unit
19 Lost Consonants – Lapalux
20 Sweet Vixen – S Type
21 Spaced – Sound Species
22 Woe Betide Them – Melodica Deathship
23 Off The Burn – Sert One
24 French Vanilla – Monky
25 Tribal Colors – Eliott Yorke (Royalty)
26 Blurry Dream – fLako

Design by LGB5 x Alexander Brade. A&R: Laurent Fintoni & Jinna Morocha. Mixed & Mastered by Sven Friederichs. The official release is August 5th. Don’t sleep!




Green Tea Session - 12


Been a while since we had one but to accentuate that midsummer vibe, it's time for another Green Tea Session.

Robag Wruhme - Tulpa Ovi
Ryo Fukui Trio - Early Summer
Pharoah Sanders - Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt
Wildcookie - Heroine
Suff Daddy - Gnac
BudaMunk - Smoke Deep
Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes
Nas - It Still Aint Hard to Tell (DJ Day Remix)
Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You
William Devaughn - Be Thankful For What Youve Got (club version DJ Day re-edit)
The Heritage Orchestra - Skybreaks (Jazzanova Remix)
Paradise - Back Together
the limit - she’s so divine
Wreckin Crew - Found The Groove
Ivy - Beauty & The Beat
Prophet - Right on Time
Glenn Astro & I.M.YRMiND - K.D.I.M (Keep Dis In Mind)
The Clonious - Truth feat. Paul Randolph (KRTS Remix)
Virgo Four - I Have Always Wanted
Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song (Ek 12 Inch Mix)
Blakk Society - Just Another Lonely Day
Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (MK Dub Revisited Edit)
Bassmental and Charles Mcdougald - Just Wanna Be With You
Kerri Chandler and Wilma Beckford - Come Home (Kerri’s Mmmh Mix)
Julio Bashmore Ft. Javeon Mccarthy - Father Father
Phaid - Crave
Youandewan - Youandme (On My Mind)
Destinys Child - Say My Name (Manni Dee Remix)
Submerse - 2nite
SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon - Wildfire
Raphael Saadiq - The Answer




Mecca:83 - Midsummer Meditation


Producer Mecca:83 aka Rise is currently recording for Futuristica Music in the UK and put out a 7″ single last year (as Rise) called “Message To The Architects”. He has produced tracks for Rep Life, Low Budget Soul, Deborah Jordan, Velben and is currently working on full length projects under both aliases for release on Futuristica later this year. To get a taste of what this fellow is all about grab his “Life Sketches” EP available for FREE download on his Bandcamp page. He also happened to curate the latest episode of MondayJazz.

Thats what the music says, that is how to say the music...
The music is a journey, the journey is endless
It is sound endlessly communication point.
Endless sound is a universal because that is what the music is
That is what the music is, the universal language
The bridge-communication sound

                                                - Sun Ra.

Midsummer Meditation by Mecca:83

1. Mecca:83 - Detroit Twilight
2. Chief - Distribute More Energy
3. Mecca:83 - Loungin
4. Kan Sano - Awake
5. Vlooper - One Mair (Dilla Remix)
6. Freddie Joachim - My Heaven
7. RLP - Wormform
8. Hazel - Between Us (Feat. Drake & Slakah)
9. Chief - Scanner Ressurection
10. J Dilla - Spelling B
11. Elaquent - Grimey & New (Mayer Hawthorne Flip)
12. Ta Ku x Bobby Blunt - Bulletproof Soul
13. Vanilla - My Love Pt 1 & 2
14. Mecca:83 Cleft Foot

Right click here, to download.


Artwork courtesy of Joel Van Der Knaap.


Wugazi - 13 Chambers


Hip hop collective Doomtree have unveiled the product of their plans for a homage project entitled Wugazi (Fugazi mixed with Wu Tang Clan).

Fugazi and the Wu Tang Clan are two iconic groups, both defining the sound of a scene and making everyone sit up and take notice of their music and their message. So what happens when you mix the two together? Well, thanks to Doomtree‘s Cecil Otter and fellow Minneapolis musician Swiss Andy, of The Swiss Army and The Millionth Word fame, we now know. Preview it below, catch an Interview over here, and click here to download it.

"Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" - A fusion of Wu's "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" and Fugazi's "I'm So Tired," a ballad from the Instrument Soundtrack. Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye's piano loops mournfully under the "C.R.E.A.M." a cappella and his croon "I'm so tired…no more struggle" subs in for Meth's worldview chorus, trading in one existential crisis for another.

"Suicide Surprise"
– Gravediggaz's "1-800-Suicide" splays out over tense, ticking snare/hi-hat hits and creepy crawl guitar from "No Surprise." Halfway through, the Fugazi tune's distorted intro is rewired for the chorus, MacKaye's Wilhelmish scream crashing into and under the horrifying verse, until the swag conclusion: Fugazi takes over the lyrics, a rant about the C.I.A. made still more paranoid.

"Another Chessboxin' Argument"
– RZA snares run into a chopped-up "The Argument," the title track from Fugazi's final album. Wu's three iconic verses from "Da Mysteries of Chessboxin'" sound still more panicked under the mellow riff. MacKaye takes the chorus: "Here comes the argument/Folderol" is not a bad description of some of Wu's knottier verses. Bonus punchline: MacKaye's lilting "Here's what's striking me" into Meth's demand: "Hey, you, get off my cloud!"

"Ghetto Afterthought"
– "Wu Tang is for the children!" "Afterthought" is also from Instrument, a lesser-known album whose relative obscurity makes for less emotionally fraught sample fodder than Fugazi's "hits." Ghost's verse from "Special Delivery" links up with ODB's "Ghetto Superstar" over chilled keyboards and a fat snare. Fugazi is for the children!

"Sweet Release"
– The flickering guitar, bass and looped drums are from "Sweet and Low," an instrumental on Fugazi's In on the Killtaker. The syncopation propels Meth's frantic "Release Yo' Delf" verses, his chaotic howls recalling the furious joy of party people beside themselves. The outro is pure sunrise soul.

"Shame on Blue"
– Here's the opening riff from Fugazi's "Blueprint," a call to activism, with blipping drum machine and sharp snare hits as ODB bounds through "Brooklyn Zoo." Fugazi vocalist Guy Picciotto's torn-throat "I'm not playing with you" loops for the chorus, creating a nice punchline: ODB was always playing with you. Except when he wasn't.

"Slow Like That"
– "Slo Crostic," another Instrument track, fractures under vocal richness. Ne-Yo's crooning chorus from Ghostface's "Back Like That" bumps over scratches and Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty's wide-angle snare. Ghost raps over chunky guitar and deep-focus bass. Like much of 13 Chambers, Wu's lyrical menace refracts over the Fugazi's nuanced guitar punches.

"Floating Labels"
– "Floating Boy" is one of Fugazi's weirdest songs, an obtuse, hazy jam made even odder with the loping music sped up to match Genius's hard-swinging "Lables," a rolodex of hip-hop record companies turned into rhymes. No, the word "Dischord" (MacKaye's label) is not worked in there, but that "bong" from Fugazi's "Pink Frosty" is.

"P.L.O. Squared"
– Another paradoxical dance between tension and release. Fugazi's "Facet Squared," the explosive opener, is hacked into guitar beeps, rolling bass and flashes of distortion, a sound more panicked than the fearlessly confident verses from Meth's "P.L.O. Style." Pure machine gun funk threatening to go off at any moment.

"Nowhere to Wait"
– The serial killer yammer from Gravediggaz's "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide" over a sped-up guitar sparkle from Fugazi's "Close Captioned." Then shit gets real: The chug and pound of Fugazi's hit "Waiting Room," into RZA's closing verse. Everybody's moving, but there's nowhere to run.

"Last Dance for the Clientele Kid"
– More tension in the streets. Guitar thrum and drums clack from Fugazi's "Last Chance for a Slow Dance" while Polite's chorus runs into Raekwon's intensely determined verse from "Clientle Kid." Fat Joe and Ghost's violent verse gets stop-start bass blurts and guitar chum worthy of their flows.

"Killa Hill"
– Another ice-water-veins choice: Fugazi's anti-rape anthem "Suggestion" gets diced into MacKaye's live-wire guitar flicker and Canty's echoey snare bang as backup for Inspectah Deck's "R.E.C. Room." This is the way they crash the party.

"Forensic Shimmy"
– The final chamber: the insistent hi-hat, distant drums and mutating guitar/bass gurgle from Fugazi's "Forensic Scene" keeps it dirty with ODB's swaggering "Shimmy Shimmy Ya." Say this for both bands: They liked it raw.


Jon Is - Episode 6


Latest up from the man Jon Is. This episode features tracks from artists:
The Gaslamp Killer & Computer Jay
Bluedaisy & Tokimonsta
Free The Robots
Two Fingers

Right Click here, to download & head here for past episodes.





Sasha Ate - Music From Left Hemisphere


Free Crates have put out another brilliant experimental and sci-fi hip-hop piece with more dope beats coming out of Samara, Russia this time courtesy of Sasha Ate. Laptop music, abstract beats and well performed mellow synth melodies. Check only if you looking for something to engulf your senses and make your day.


Flying Lotus: Lovers Melt Vol. 2


Flying Lotus' previous Stones Throw mix Lovers Melt featured obscure tracks like The Sylvers’ “I’ll Never Be Ashamed“ and now he's back offering some more.

“Lovers Melt 2 will hopefully be part of your Summer sound. Some of my favorite songs ever. Some you know, some you might not.”

It’s two and a half hours long. It’s full of crate digging and thrift store hustling music, a winning combo resulting in a must-have mix.

Grab it here, after the jump.


Rinse FM: ARP101 ft Om Unit & B.Bravo


So last week, with Alex Nut's absence on his show, the slot was filled in by Eglo's ARP101 with a 2 hr special which featured esteemed guests Om Unit and Earnest Endeavour's and Frite Nite's own B Bravo.

The show was filled with exclusives from all parties involved and even previewed collaborative works between them during what was an amazing 120 some minutes of ridiculous riddims.

Right click here, to download.


Finest Ego Monthly Mix: Laurent Fintoni


New Month, new Finest Ego mix for your pleasure. The third installment comes courtesy of Laurent Fintoni. This serves as a teaser for his DJ Set at the Monthly Trip with Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe (both included in the mix) on Saturday the 16th of July in Panke, and also as a prelude to the latest Finest Ego Beatmaker compilation series which is about to absorb the UK into the story.

01. Outkast – Elevators (Me & You)
02. Adam F – Circles (Phillip D Kick edit)
03. Lazer Sword – Web Swag
04. Wrongtom meets Roots Manuva – Do Nah Bodda Mi
05. Jack Sparrow & Baobinga – Trans-Penine Express
06. Com Truise – VHS Sex
07. Lil Wayne – A Milli (Megasoid remix)
08. Om Unit vs Kromestar – Merkabah
09. Ulrich Troyer – Driving To Cologne
10. Cardopusher – Naked In Front of a Broken Computer
11. Samiyam – Bonus Mission
12. Taku ft. John Robinson – Confessions
13. Darkhouse Family – Darkhouse Meditation
14. Mark Pritchard ft. Wiley – Scar
15. Ngunzguzu – Unfold (Munchi Likes Excessive Amounts of Bass Remix)
16. Elzhi – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
17. Touchy Subject – Family Matters
18. Mike Gao – California
19. Dizz 1 – Drastic Measures
20. Frank Ocean – Novacane
21. BD1982 – Aluminium Riddim
22. Quitter – Pyramids
23. Skyfish ft Rumi – Judgement (808 remix)
24. NastyNasty – Jelly
25. Monkeysequence x Quasimoto – Broadfactor bootleg
26. Repeat Pattern – Lifter
27. Ras G – Crush On A Earthling
28. Daisuke Tanabe – Vestige
29. Eomac – Seanie’s Beat

Right click here, to download.

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