Jazziel Funkard - Zzzonin!

So we're into the last Sunday of September and already it's got that irascible aberrant feel to it that marks Autumns arrival.

Time to grab the 'erb and get zzonin' - with the likes of Raedawn & Main, Twit One, bugseed, Lunice, Nostaljak and K-Murdock on hand to harmonize those worldly afflictions.

¡Ya Basta!

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Kudos - Slow Tempo
Skipless - Alter
Slide Five - Streamline [Feat. Aiko]
bugseed - Soul Diggin' [Part 2]
Freddie Finger - Abyssal
Raedawn & Main - Session Restore
Twit One - Deep Draw
Haz - Rainbow Hush
Nostaljak - Last Sam
Quiet - Bear Up
Concept - Too Far
Lunice - Sandy Streets
Just Plain Ant - Little Things in Life
Skipless - Ashes
Freddie Finger - Placid Vibes
Deem - Luna
TE1 Prod. - Maybe Onderful [Feat. Yasmin Baker]
bugseed - Tear Loose
King AL - It Looks
EarDr.Umz - SEA 2 LAX
Tom - Waits
Last Order - Summertime
Raedawn & Main - Themlay
Headnodic - Persistence
DJ Mitsu the Beats - Beats of Luv
Freddie Joachim - Night Cap
K-Murdock - Herbie
Cosiner - Nother Kind of Silence
Nomak - Open Out
Omega One - Memento
Kidkanevil - Megajoy [TOKiMONSTA Remix]
Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun
ScholarMan - Passin' Me By
TE1 Prod. - 4:00 AM

The Guadaloop - Desired in the 3 Worlds


Israeli crew Raw Tapes bring you this 25 piece album contrived of Bollywood samples and constructed by The Guadaloop much in tune with Motel records' Electric Vindaloo.

A plethora of beats were made after the trip in 2007, and most of them haven’t been published yet. Some tracks on the LP were made in 2007 and some 2 days before the release date (Plusga – Penny Fuck).

Cop it, whirl it!

1.Drums So Big (Intro)
2.Level Vibes
3.Second to None
5.Plusga - Sidewalk
6.Screen Capture
7.The Mood
8.Dread Man Run Tingz
9.Gun Dem Riddim
10.Difficult Cut
11.Too Ugly
13.Second Best
14.Plusga - Ayyo
15.Sampler Wise
17.Dirty Tingz
18.Emotional Shit
20.Orange Juice
21.Plusga - Black Knob
22.Sex on the Beach
23.Two Words
24.Plusga - Penny Fuck
25.Faya Playa

<a href="">Desired in the 3 Worlds by Raw Tapes Records</a>

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Synthesize Me Faster - Bitesize Beats

The MondayJazz faithful hooking us up with the usual goodness this time courtesy of Nottingham beatsmith Bitesize Beats.

1. onra - intro [all city]
2. gil scott-heron - where did the night go [xl recordings]
3. om unit - lavender [all city]
4. take - i miss your brains [all city]
5. fulgeance - ann arbor [one-handed]
6. architeq - mind games (emperor machine dub) [tirk]
7. shlohmo - antigravity (low limit remix) [friends of friends]
8. kelpe - microscope contents (elliott lipp remix) [dc recordings]
9. bnjmn - arose [mp3]
10. sephirot - when the neon is flashing [mp3]
11. osborne - afrika (bullion remix) [ghostly international]
12. lukid - everybody make happy [mp3]
13. teebs & jackhigh - clapstick [svetlana industries]
14. flying lotus - do the astral plane [warp]
15. floating points - vaccuum boogie [eglo]
16. caribou - bowls [city slang]
17. four tet - plastic people [domino]
18. jneiro jarel - black blocks [label who]
19. illum sphere - titan [3024]
20. devonwho - celementine [klipmode]
21. afta-1 - prelude to memeaningwe [mp3]

Alternatively, Click here to stream in the player below (or right click to download).

Teebs - Ardour


“Everything he does is gold, he does HIS thing, always has and I suspect, always will.”

- Dimlite

This October, Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder imprint will release the first album by Mtendere Mandowa, AKA Teebs.

Born in New York to Malawi and Barbadian parents, the 23-year-old producer was primarily a visual artist (the cover above is his own) until he moved to LA and fell in with a collective called My Hollow Drum, who turned him onto the city's electronic music scene.

Ardour, two years in the making, is the result of Teebs’ journey thus far. More than the music, it’s the feeling he wants to convey. The idea of hearing something you really love, the moment you know something is really special. “Teebs music sounds like an island vacation…” What’s often said about Teebs’ sound is the warmth it has on the listener. It’s only fitting that a title like Ardour, which is defined as “great intensity and warmth” is used to represent this essential chapter to the ever-growing puzzle of Los Angeles. This Brainfeeder balladeer has produced a chef-d'œuvre of ambient auras contributing to a mood that is more Four Tet and Matthewdavid than Ras G or Samiyam. It's a balance of the baroque with the abstract, a collision between tangled futuristic projections and everyday objects. Like "2 a.m. Wine," this captures Teebs' ability to project an Ambien-addled aesthetic -- a gauzy, gorgeous haze ideal for the witching hours.

01. You've Changed
02. Bound Ball
03. Double Fifths
04. While You Doooo
05. Moments
06. Burner
07. Wind Loop
08. Lakeshore Ave.
09. Arthur's Birds
10. Gordon
11. Bern Rhythm
12. Felt Tip
13. King Bathtub
14. My Whole Life
15. Long Distance feat. Gaby Hernandez
16. Why Like This
17. Humming Birds
18. Autumn Antique

Why Like This||


Arthur's Birds||


My Whole Life||


Personal Winter||


Distributed by Alpha Pups, the single, 'Why Like This' will be out on October 4th, followed by the album on the 18th.



In this society of interest, is the "being", being in the present, as past addictions or concerns of the future take us out of this moment, experiencing sensations that were or still are not. NOTIMEBEATS! invites you to live the present in the moment that you desire or deem necessary, invites them not to take time, but rather to forget it, to position ourselves in a present, "being" given that from it can "be" in a flooded future for our desires. Hey! human beings "you are the answer.

Time to show some love to our Chilean brothers OUD! & FRYZ. These two are bringing the flow worthy beats all the way from Daniel Pinto, Santiago! Strap in and foretaste the big things to come from these two with this soupy barrage of grooves where the beats dissolve into production with a thrashy finesse....


Cop the tape here.


El Cuadrado represents the static, antidinámico, qualities that we saw reflected in one of the darkest eras of human history, the twentieth century. Period marked by dictators that made its ideals obligations and extinguished the lives of those who would leave their margins. The square has corners, places that symbolize fear, torture and thoughts away from the flow, indoctrinated, closed and dogmatic.

El Cuadrado's message is an invitation to remember the events we are so ashamed of, take them into account, not to replicate, to move without stopping and hiding in a corner, to fight for better, respecting our individualities, so valuable for growth an integrated and harmonious human race will always have unfinished lot to learn with the horizon that we can always create positive change.

<a href="">CUADRADO EP by Oudiesbeats</a>

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Finest Ego - Japanese Beatmaker Compilation

Project: Mooncircle recently dropped this fresh new beat compilation titled, Finest Ego – Japanese Beatmaker Compilation. The 12 track album is compiled by Akira Inagawa & Gordon Gieseking and mastered by Sven Frederichs and features tracks from beatmakers BudaMunk, a.z, The Astronotes, RLP, SATO, DJ Olive Oil, Oglyy, FERRARI, Ichiro, Eccy, Himuro Yoshiteru, and Dalsuke Tanabe. Listen below.

1. BudaMunk – Samurai Assassin
2. a.z – Spotless
3. The Astronotes – Soul Miner
4. RLP – Cheat Cords
5. SATO – On The Runn
6. Ogiyy – In This Moment
8. ichiro_ – Sumiyoshi
9. DJ Olive Oil – Jap Angele
10. Eccy – Chrome
11. Himuro Yoshiteru – Drip Something On Our Palette
12. Daisuke Tanabe – Witch Hunt

<a href="">Finest Ego - Japanese Beatmaker Compilation by Project: Mooncircle</a>

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Mux Mool - Wax Rose Saturday EP

Mux Mool’s music practically screams “open source.” There’s something in its scrappy, kitchen-sink construction and schizophrenic, grab-anything-that’s-around spirit that begs reinterpretation, recombining, remixing. Enter the Wax Rose Saturday EP, the follow-up to Skulltaste, Brian Lindgren’s full-length debut as Mux Mool. Seven remixes, one new track, and endless insight into the fearless producer’s multi-faceted work.

It’s telling that Wax Rose Saturday’s opening track, Mux Mool’s “remux” of Skulltaste’s “Wax Rose Saturday”, is barely a distant cousin of the original. Slinking around a sly piano sample with spiraling vocoder in tow, Mux’s new “Wax Rose” is the warm, analog answer to its blippy, bitcrushed source. Daso’s rerub of “Enceladus” is a standout, twisting the original’s winking disco workout into a nocturnal tech-house banger, all elastic basslines and dubby keys; Shigeto’s take on “Morning Strut” adds polyrhythmic percussion and hard-panned audio tricks to the track’s piano-led melancholy. Wax Rose Saturday’s new track, the slow-burning “Valley Girls”, is classic Mux Mool, located somewhere between West Coast ‘90s hip-hop and Miami Vice.

Mr Mool drops ‘Wax Rose Saturday’ from his well received ‘Skulltaste’ album backed with the exclusive ‘Valley Girls’ and remixes from Paul White, Free The Robots, Daso, Shigeto, and Devonwho. The title track sounds like a Prefuse 73 track circa ‘Vocal Studies’, while ‘Valley Girls’ is a more laidback display of R’n'B/IDM fusions. Attacking tracks from the album, Paul White gives a psych-spiked head nodders mix of ‘Wolf Tone Symphony’, while Devonwho gives a BoC-ish mix of ‘Lady Linda’ and Daso turns ‘Enceladus’ into a discofied electrohouse romp.

01. Wax Rose Saturday (Remux Edit)
02. Valley Girls
03. Skulltatse (Free The Robots Remix)
04. Enceladus (Daso Remix)
05. Morning Strut
06. Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix)
07. Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit)
08. Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix)

Be sure to preview it below, and head on over to Ghostly to grab it.

Wax Rose Saturday (Remux edit)

Grab this one free here

Valley Girls

Skulltaste (Free The Robots Remix)

Enceladus (Daso Remix)

Morning Strut (Shigeto Remix)

Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix)

Lady Linda (Devonwho Remix)

Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix)

Another freebie here!

EQ - Persona

With a clutch of anticipated releases ready to drop in the next few days, this one get's us in that Eclectic, Off Kilter, 8 Bit frame of mind ready to roll with the NES Zappers in hand..

For those unfamiliar, Elaquent aka eQ makes some swinged out bumping beats to please fans of Dilla or Dibiase, but with a swagger all his own.

Persona is a representation of influences, inspiration and Elaquents past. Persona is a collection of previously recognized styles and personality. Persona is not After Midnight 2. Persona is not In Colour vol 4. Persona is all of the above.

Child's Play - Give it a blast!
Childs Play by Elaquent

And if you did sleep on the earlier tapes, grab them here.
In Colour Vol.2
In Colour Vol.3

<a href="">Persona by Elaquent</a>

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Anthony Valadez - Balanced

BALANCED strikes a unique harmony between smooth-soulful
and emotive-experimental! Masterfully layered, and thankfully not
too quick mix-schitzo! A calm, refined, inspiring treat! Have to say,
I’ve always been a fan of my young Bro, DJ Anthony Valadez.

- Carlos Niño (Build An Ark, Spaceways Radio

Also, stay tuned for Valadez’s AUDIO/VISUAL remix album, where he's thrown in some of his old demos as well as a clutch of work with vocalists you'll know, dropping soon on Recordbreakin’ Music.

Blundetto - Voices
Andreya Triana - Draw The Stars
Bilal - Levels
James Blake - I Never Learnt To Share
Hygher Baby - Let U Go (Asaparagus Remix)
Taylor McFerrin - Awake To You
Pacific Heights feat. Mara TK
Maylee Todd - Heartthrob (Circle Remix Remix)
Samon Kawamura - You Are The Only One
Stateless - Falling Into You
Raphael Gualazzi - Reality & Fantasy (GP Remix)
Nufrequency - Fallen Hero (Motorcity Drum Ensemble feat. Ben Onono)
Miguel Atwood Ferguson - Do The Astral Plane (Viola Solo Mix)
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane
DVA - Just Vybe (feat. Fatima)
Ashley Thomas - Somethings Got To Give
Nina Simone - See Line (Recorded Live)
Machine Drum - Mean Mean
SBTRKT & Sampha -Evening Glow
Mount Kimbie - Blind Night Errand
Willie Rosario - Calypso Blues

Anthony Valadez Presents Balanced by anthonyvaladez





Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik LP


Here's another beat tape for ya. The Bohemian Beatnik LP comes from beatsmith Bugseed hailing from Tokyo. Bugseed definitely has that golden age vibe. Crafted using fruity loops 8 and not much in means of hardware samplers, it's a solid debut replenishing the east coast vibes that are still prominent across Japan.

Bug's a beast!

<a href="">harlot by bugseed</a>

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Super Bad Beats - Monday Jazz 149

Another Monday dawns, another selection drops by the good-folk over on MondayJazz. This time out, it's compiled by Lithuanian beat maker Soulsonic on his Super Bad Beats nom de guerre.

This selection wouldn't be out of place when searching for "The samurai who smells of sunflowers" and it opens with a couple of numbers from Tsutchie and Nujabes you'll recognise from Samurai Champloo.

As Kudirka puts it,

It’s like a romantic view of some fresh blood shining in the sunset on the sword stuck between dead samurais ribs.

01 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 1
02 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 2
03 Nujabes - The Space Between Two Worlds
04 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 3
05 Tsutchie - Pretending to...
06 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 4
07 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 5
08 Gangstarr - 92 Interlude
09 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 6
10 Gangstarr - All 4 tha Ca$h
11 Gangstarr - What I'm Here 4
12 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 7
13 Kissey Asplund - Move Me (feat. Soliloquy)
14 Gangstarr - 92 Interlude + Nujabes - The Space Between Two Worlds
15 Wide Open Mind Project - Travelin
16 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 8
17 Gangstarr - You Know My Steez
18 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 9
19 Super Bad Beats - Freestyle 10
20 Patrick Lee - Outro

Alternatively, Click here to stream in the player below (or right click to download).



Fukakai Beats

The translation for “fukakai” is incomprehensible..

Japan is full of explosive moments so carefully bundled they must be held by invincible seams. There is a burning desire to absorb and reflect, and for this reason the Japanese Hip-Hop/beats scene is and obviously has been a huge influence for many years. This post isn't concentrating on that however, it's looking at the more obscure elements in play for the last few decades.

It might be hard to understand why Fuzz, Funk, Folk, New Wave, No Wave, Techno-Pop, Disco, and Anime Songs from Japan between the 1960’s and 2010 could work on one mix, but it reflects the disparate and sometimes colliding cultures of music that have always existed there. This first mix is courtesy of the fantastic VTech (curated by Hashim B) and it picks up on these throughout.

Alternatively, Click here to stream in the player below (or right click to download).

1. Takehisa Kosugi / Mano Dharma ‘74 / Catch Wave
2. Kefia P Feat. Hatsune Miku / intro ~memories~ / Hatsune Miku Best ‘07-’09 MEMORIES
3. Speed, Glue & Shinki / Red Doll / Speed, Glue & Shinki
4. Sachiko Kanenobu / Aoi Sakana / Misora
5. Speed, Glue & Shinki / Don’t Say No / Speed, Glue & Shinki
6. The Helpful Soul / Aldin’s Theme / A Thousand & One Nights OST (45)
7. Excerpt from “Funeral Parade of Roses” (film)
8. Les Rallizes Dénudés / Kioku Wa Tooi / Le 12 Mars 1977 à Tachikawa
9. Haruomi Hosono / Funiculi Funicura / Philharmony
10. Flower Travellin’ Band / Hiroshima / Make Up
11. Kenjiro Hirose / Onna Bancho Taiman Shoubu M-5 / Sugimoto Miki vs Ike Reiko Onna Bancho Nagaremono Futengurashi
12. Excerpt from “Shinjuku Mad” (film)
13. Food Brain / M-8 / Shinjuku Mad OST
14. J.A. Caesar / Haha Koishiya Sangosho / Kokkyo Junreika
15. Phew / Signal / Phew
16. Audio Sports / Voo Voo / Era of Glittering Gas
17. Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos / Heated Point / Get Up!
18. Hiromi Iwasaki / Good Night / Fantasy
19. Yumi Arai / Anata Dake No Mono / Misslim
20. Taeko Onuki / Kusuri Wo Takusan / Sunshower
21. S.L.A.C.K. / I’m Home / WHALABOUT
22. Ichiro Araki / Onna Bancho Kankain Dassou M-7 / Hotwax Trax 04 Teppoudama No Bigaku: Nakajima Sadao No Sekai
23. Buddha Brand / Ningen Hatsudensho (Classic Mix) / Yameru Mugen No Insto No Sekai
25. Yellow Magic Orchestra / Seoul Music / Technodelic
26. riow arai+anna yamada / Ie / R+NAAAA
27. Excerpt from “Tenshi No Koukotsu(Ecstasy Of Angels)” (film)
28. Yasuo Higuchi / Photograph / Hotwax Trax Maruhi Shikijyo Mesu Shijyo – Nikkatsu Roman Porno No Sekai
29. Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos / Pigmy / Uganda
31. Haruomi Hosono / Platonic / Philharmony
32. Yellow Magic Orchestra / Neue Tanz / Technodelic
33. Zuno Keisatsu / Hyena / Kamengeki No Hero Wo Kokuso Shiro
34. Audio Sports / Eat & Buy & Eat / Era of Glittering Gas
35. Ryuichi Sakamoto / E-3A / B-2 Unit
37. Senba Kiyohiko To Haniwa All Stars / Cha Nomi Tomodachi Suresure / Haniwa
38. Excerpt from “Tetsuo” (film)
39. Ishiwatari Junji & Sunahara Yoshinori + Yakushimaru Etsuko / Kamisama No Iu Tori (Version Z80) / Kamisama No Iu Tori
40. Yellow Magic Orchestra / Computer Games/ Yellow Magic Orchestra
41. Doseijin Mikael (?ARM) / Mika No Kuni No Genso Wakusei – Dot No Kanata E / Toho Tsuki Tourou Safe!
42. Haruki Matsuo / Ivy(Last Mix)-08 / Haruki Matsuo_12?
43. Nihon Henshu Ongaku Kyokai / Tonkaka Nadeko / Dame Mikusu
44. Junko Yagami / Imagination / Communication
45. Haruomi Hosono / Body Snatchers / S-F-X
47. miko / Kanbu De Tomatte Sugu Tokeru – Kyoki No Udongein / Toho Tsuki Tourou Safe!
48. Hiromi Iwasaki / Papillon / Fantasy
49. Hatsumi Shibata / Singer Lady / My Luxury Night
50. Spectrum / First Wave / Spectrum
51. Yuming / Youkoso Kagayaku Jikan E / Pearl Pierce
52. Excerpt from “Downtown 81? (film)
53. Plastics / Delicious/ Welcome Back Plastics
54. Totsuzen Danball / Sentaku To Hairetsu / Can I?
55. Phew / Closed / Phew
56. Excerpt From “Face Of Another”
57. Maher Shalal Hash Baz / Remember My Labour Of Love / Blues du Jour
58. Rie Yokohama / Umitsubame / Tenshi No Koukotsu OST

This second little batter of psychedelia here concentrates more on the somewhat forgotten emergence of the early Japanese rock sound and why its best moments were those that sounded the strangest.

In 1962 the Ventures toured Japan and lit the fuse for a surf music boom that soon spawned a wave of lightning fast guitars and tumbling blasts on tight drums. These new surf bands formed the Eleki sound that was topped by cats such as guitarist Takeshi “Terry” Terauchi & drummer Jackey Yoshikawa. Their sounds were blistering, heavy and filled with supersonic string strums. Some of the most sparkling moments of this genre come when the composers shot the fusion tube and incorporated traditional Japanese folk melodies and instruments like the Koto Harp or Shakuhachi Flute with their guitar amp overdrive.

The Eleki scene choked on sea foam in 1966 when the Beatles, fresh from their invasion of America, came to blow Japanese minds. Their famous Budokan Concert caused a societal stir from the bottom up. The instrumental focus of Eleki couldn’t cut it anymore. Bands knew they needed to sing out to be seen in the scene. The only question was in which tongue? Would it be cool enough to wail in Japanese or was English the key to the kids hearts and wallets? Opinions differed and bands sometimes alternated languages on the same album or song. The name rock and roll itself with all it’s r’s and l’s proved difficult to float off Japanese tongues so the genre Group Sounds or G.S. was coined for the Japanese movement. The name was their own but the image and sound was based tightly on the British and American mold. The most popular G.S. bands were hugely popular at home. Many even hit the silver screen and made their own rock films in the mold of “A Hard Days Night.” As high as they rose their fame never stretched beyond the Sea of Japan.

While the Beatles spawned the relatively innocent vibes of the Group Sounds scene the later echoes of Hendrix, the Velvet Underground and Blue Cheer twisted things into darker directions. These psychedelic torch bearers helped launch the Japanese New Rock movement which stepped forward over melted barriers. The Japanese musicians like their Western counterparts were focused on fuzzing up heads with experimentation. The blinds were tossed wide open and all elements became fair game. New Rock merged explosive guitar distortion with sampled radio voices, eastern melodies, odd time signatures and moody jazz chords without a second thought. This often heavy, lusty sound perfectly slid into the Pink Films that were swelling in tandem. These sexploitation flicks were cranked out on the gritty, grainy cheap but were often able to achieve high impact through psych stylings. Though many of the films were made merely to satiate sexual desires the bands whose sounds accompanied them often soared to loftier signals.

Massive props to Frosty for this blast.

Alternatively, Click here to stream in the player below (or right click to download).

1. Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans / Karajishi Botan / Ereki Ippon Enka De Shobu!
2. Reiko Ike / Futen Gurashi Part. 1 / Onna Bancho Blues Mesubachi No Chosen
3. Jackey Yoshikawa and his Blue Comets / Blue Fountain / Original Hits Vol. II
4. Kazuko Sawamura and Peter Pan / My Boy / Noraneko Rock Nikkatsu New Action No Sekai
5. Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys / Symphony No. 5 / Let’s Go Classics
6. Jacks / Omae Ni Muchuu Sa / Haragashi Onna
7. Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans / Tsugaru Jongara Bushi / Let’s Go Eleki Bushi!
8. Jackey Yoshikawa and his Blue Comets / Linda / Original Hits Vol. II
9. Hajime Kaburagi / Sex Hunter (BGM) / Noraneko Rock Nikkatsu New Action No Sekai
10. Hajime Kaburagi / Onna Bancho Blues Mesubachi No Chosen M-8 / Onna Bancho Blues Mesubachi No Chosen
11. The Mops / Goiken Muyo / Noraneko Rock Nikkatsu New Action No Sekai
12. Hajime Kaburagi / Yasagure Anegoden Sokatsu Lynch M-6B / Onna Bancho Blues Mesubachi No Chosen
13. Kyu Sakamoto / Kanashiki Rokujyussai / Seishunka Nenkan Best 30 (‘60)
14. Salty Sugar / Hashire Kotaro / Seishunka Nenkan Haiban Best 200
15. Hiroki Tamaki / Boso Shudan ‘71 Bgm / Noraneko Rock Nikkatsu New Action No Sekai
16. Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans / Moso Bangaichi / Ereki Ippon Enka De Shobu!
17. Jacks / M-10 / Haragashi Onna
18. Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys / Kisobushi / Let’s Go Eleki Bushi!
19. Sharp Five Go Go / Kaze Ga Naiteru / Japanese Pops Golden Hits
20. Kenjiro Hirose / Onna Bancho Taiman Shobu M-3 / Onna Bancho Blues Mesubachi No Chosen
21. Hajime Kaburagi / Sex Hunter Ps-C / Noraneko Rock Nikkatsu New Action No Sekai
22. Ken Yamauchi / Ken No Rock / Tokyo A GoGo
23. The Darts / Kemeko No Uta / 7?
24. Folk Crusaders (Kazuhiko Kato – the Folk Parody Gang) – I Only Live Twice / 7?
25. Food Brain / M-7 / Shinjuku Mad OST
26. Takeshi Terauchi & “Blue Jeans” / Edo Komoriuta / Let’s Go Eleki Bushi!

Electric Egypt - Altjira Rama

Miles Davis used to say that all his concerts are floating somewhere in outer space, complete and intact.The music never dies, and on this planet and beyond, I'll continue to project frequencies of love through music.

A purely vinyl selection from the space crates of our antipodean far-out traveler, Electric Egypt. He flows freely from Psychedelic Rock to Japanese Pop, Ragga, Italo Disco, and Stellar Spacewaves in another realm. Join the journey on an Eastern express through mysterious lands and make exotic stops in the early 80′s AustrALIEN underground. The accompanying image, “SunshineSuperShaman” is an original art piece created by electric Egypt to accompany this mix.

Alternatively, Click here to stream in the player below (or right click to download).

If ya' dig, check out 'Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible' which was released by the Japanese beat cats over on Moamoo and keep your eyes peeled for the collab project with Parisian brotha As Valet that should drop later this year.

Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape


Ja! Dibiase ist ill.. Große Nummer wieder einmal!

German homies over at Rhapohnelizenz have just dropped their first beat compilation and it is chock full of heavy hitters in the production game. Brand new material from the likes of Xperiment, J Bizness, Jon Phonics, Bugseed, and more! Don't sleep on this one, if for no other reason Bugseed's "Break Of Dawn" is plain nuts!

No Fillers, only exclusives - clock that 'ish!

01. Boom Baptist – 8-Bit-Try
02. Xperiment Beats – Sound Barrier
03. Jon Phonics – Face Music
04. Chemo (Telemachus) – Dirt Digler
05. Das Geraet (Cutcannibalz) – Beck’s
06. Dibiase – Choke Ya Hood
07. Anatol Atonal – A-tzeton
08. Torky Tork – Signal Rap
09. DDay One – Give And Take
10. Suff Daddy – Message Break
11. Boom Baptist – Asian March
12. Bugseed – Break of Dawn
13. Elaquent – Good Fortune
14. J. Bizness – Biz Reason 105 Nevermind
15. Pigeondust – Wingless Believer

<a href="">Boom Baptist - 8-Bit Try by rapohnelizenz</a>

Grab it from the bandcap page by clicking below.

Cohoba & Kelpe mixes

Well there's been a chill in the air recently but it's not autumn yet! So it's time to catch up on a couple of assortments compiled by our French peaceniks over on Musique Large that're funkier than three week old yoghurt, and should help you hold on to the last vestiges of those good Summer vibes just a little bit longer..

When he's not playing to 8,000 people to save Los Haitises national park, he's bringing the smooth vibe to Santo Domingo (via local label Stereoptico), let Cohoba Funkalize it for you!

01- Mtume - Hips
02- Onra - High Hopes (Intrumental)
03- Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
04- Cohoba - Funkalize it
05- Funkineven - She's acid
06- Dam-funk - Galactic Fun
07- Breakbot ft Irfane - Baby im yours
08- Grooveman spot - Think About
09- BoomBaptist - Mario Jump Dilla
10- Tobacco - Mexican Icecream
11- Space Invadas - Recognise
12- Theophilus London - No Answers
13- Jackson and his computer band - Rock On
14- Lando Kal - Fuzzy Ankles
15- Flying Lotus ft Laura Darlington - Table Tennis
16- James Blake - The Bells Sketch

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Next up is D.C. Recordings legionnaire Kelpe, a favourite ever since he compiled the Death Before Distemper albums which were a downtempo mix of beats ranging from dub to krautrock (Imagine Tom Baker on a disco excursion and you're half way there...)

Kelpe's work usually takes the sub 100bmp cosmic disco route with muscular flow riding appregiated basslines and unspooling synthlines incorporating post-Dilla snare slaps and though this little snippet is a toned down taste it's still Lardier then a battered cod chip pan!

Kelpe - Gone Train Dreaming
Koushik - Beep 02
00Genesis - Always (instrumental)
Erik L - Extrasensory Perception
Take - All Around
Maxmillion Dunbar - Bare Feet
Devonwho - Keepthefunkalive
Pierce Warnecke - The Machine Regrets
S Maharba - The Look
Danny Drive Thru - Strongbeat
The simonsound - Hole In THe Head
The Microphones - Instrumental
Strong Arm Steady - Best Of Times
Jordan Rockswell - The Groove
Gold Panda - Quitter's Raga
Mr Flash - Couscous
Doko*Eno - Heavy Trnka
Kourosh Yaghmaie - Gol-E Yakh
Carlos Nino & Friends - Ants And Elephants
Charles Trees - The Dream (Baron Retif & Conception Perez Remix)
Point B - Forgotten Ritual (Kelpe Remix)

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YogaDisko - Galaxy

Some Disco/cosmic house grooves courtesy of Ki Res, a brainchild of Chris Skonieczny.

1.Watch TV & The Lovemonk All Stars - Wild Safari feat Gene Garci?a (Darshan Jesrani Monkey Mix)
2.Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
3.Deadbeat - Heathrow Express
4.Hot Chip - Hold On (Mock & Toof Remix)
5.Tad Wily - Low Budget
6.Curses! - The Deep End (Day School Dub Mix)
7.The Popular People's Front - Work The (Fuzz) Box
8.Chas Jankel - Glad to know you
9.Canyons - Fire Eyes (Jacques Renault's Living In The Jungle Mix)
10.Booka Shade vs Plastic Operator - Night Falls Won't Back Down
11.Metronomy - Not Made For Love (Astronomer Remix)
12.Bottin - Undercover Monkey
13.Seelenluft - I Can See Clearly Now (Tiga Remix)
14.Cut Copy - Going Nowhere (Digitalism Remix)
15.Duchess Says - Black Flag (Emperor Machine Remix)

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