In this society of interest, is the "being", being in the present, as past addictions or concerns of the future take us out of this moment, experiencing sensations that were or still are not. NOTIMEBEATS! invites you to live the present in the moment that you desire or deem necessary, invites them not to take time, but rather to forget it, to position ourselves in a present, "being" given that from it can "be" in a flooded future for our desires. Hey! human beings "you are the answer.

Time to show some love to our Chilean brothers OUD! & FRYZ. These two are bringing the flow worthy beats all the way from Daniel Pinto, Santiago! Strap in and foretaste the big things to come from these two with this soupy barrage of grooves where the beats dissolve into production with a thrashy finesse....


Cop the tape here.


El Cuadrado represents the static, antidin√°mico, qualities that we saw reflected in one of the darkest eras of human history, the twentieth century. Period marked by dictators that made its ideals obligations and extinguished the lives of those who would leave their margins. The square has corners, places that symbolize fear, torture and thoughts away from the flow, indoctrinated, closed and dogmatic.

El Cuadrado's message is an invitation to remember the events we are so ashamed of, take them into account, not to replicate, to move without stopping and hiding in a corner, to fight for better, respecting our individualities, so valuable for growth an integrated and harmonious human race will always have unfinished lot to learn with the horizon that we can always create positive change.

<a href="http://oudiesbeats.bandcamp.com/album/cuadrado-ep">CUADRADO EP by Oudiesbeats</a>

Grab it from the bandcap page by clicking below.


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