James Fox: Second To None Mix


First mix of 2011 from James Fox here for your enjoyment, featuring quite a few juicy dubs and unreleased heaters - watch out for the Jack Dixon & Rick Grant bit in particular.

Be sure to head over to Second To None in order to catch the interview.

forest swords 'hjurt' (pariah remix) [no pain in pop]
photek '101' (boddika's drum machine mix) [photek productions]
kidkut & arkist 'one year later' [forthcoming hotflush]
axel boman 'purple drank' [pampa]
appleblim & october 'ny fizzzz' [forthcoming schmorgasboard]
jack dixon & rick grant 'running man' [unreleased & exclusive]
norrit 'ngbekinho' (martin kemp remix) [dub]
aphrodisiax 'unfinished business' [jus'house]
bad autopsy 'nice & slow refix' [unreleased]
joy orbison 'ladywell' [doldrums]
2000 & one 'work' [podium]
breach 'man up' [PTN]
maya jane coles 'rugged' [realtone]
james fox 'new jack swing' [forthcoming well rounded housing project]

Click here for the download.


FACT mix 231: Computer Jay


Computer Jay returns, fresh from his interstellar adventure aboard the Starship 27. This time, it's to curate FACT mix 231.

As is often the case, Computer Jay spreads his talent across various projects, including studio collaborations with Steve Cooper, Dam-Funk and Sa-Ra’s Shafiq Husayn, as well as various members of the magic circle of Los Angeles’ crate-digging community.

With a vast musical range that takes in boogie, G-Funk, classic computer games and everything in between, we consider him one of music’s most underrated, and when Phonica offered us the chance to host this live recording, from last year’s party they threw with Ramp Recordings, the guys at FACT jumped at it.

No tracklist for this one yet, just some fresh beats.

Click here to download.


B.Lewis - Science Within Reason


Been digging a whole lot of B.Lewis' Electric/Soul laced beats for a hot minute already. Featuring heavily on the latest soulection, he's back after a slight hiatus with this new project Science Within Reason, a monster-volume of beats, remixes & 1 or 2 emcee collabos for good measure. Here B.Lewis displays a whole range of ideas rather than 31 tracks of the same theme, you can be sure to find something for your predilection, bet that. This right here separates B.Lewis from other untold number of young instrumentalists the west-coast has birthed in the past couple years. Be sure to stream the Soulection show #14, preview the EP in the embedded bandcamp, and then hit the link after the skip for the download.

Free downloads are out on Bandcamp so head here to download.




Aeon, most famously known for his work with The Lessondary collective (Tanya Morgan, Jermiside, Elucid, Spec Boogie, Che Grand), is now presenting some of his production in the form of a beat tape. From straight up headnodders to some laidback soulful stuff Beta Max is a must hear.

1. In The Beginning
2. Baby
3. Body Snatchers
4. U&I
5. Heavyweights
6. Hilltop
7. Da’ Waylay
8. Cirrocumulus
9. Nothin’
10. Ruby Red
11. Skyscrapers/Flippin’
12. One For Rob
13. Begin Again


Zorzi - Salada Bowl


The Japanese production is always one to carry a distinct vibe...

Salada Bowl by Zorzi

Good Night / ヤン富田
Goon Gumpas / Aphex Twin
Scratchappylannd / Kid Koala
Deep respiration / Zorzi
All Things To All Men / The Cinematic Orchestra feat.ROOTS MANUVA
Where Have You Been? (Anenon Drone Mix) / Ana Caravelle
Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom / Mux Mool
Kiss The Sky / Badio
Jim & Betty / Rom=Pari
arigatou inst / mochie
future in the past / Himuro Yoshiteru
end of day / Himuro Yoshiteru
awaking / BUN
untitled / ichiro_
Embrace The Cold / Shigeto
Brown Eyed Girl / Shigeto
Game Over (Dorian Concept Remix) / Dabrye ft. J Dilla & Phat Kat
007 / RLP
If Joe Had the Power / The Clonious
jazz(acapella) / A Tribe Called Quest
Copperpot feat.KRS ONE / Dem Know Remixed by Olive Oil
Backpedal (Original Mix) / Daisuke Tanabe
Nocturne / Nomo
When There Is No Sun / Sun Ra
morefield / Zorzi
Statues, Psalms, and Wars feat. Chain of Lakes / Hamacide

Hit this for the download.


Starship 27 Vol. 2 - Take Off


Even in a time of intergalactic crisis, people still want to roll them bones. The return of Starship 27 is imminent! In 2009 the first undocked itself from Ra's ship and landed. Starship 27 was filled with musical crazyness (embedded below) and curated by Master Blazter J1. Shortly after the first compilation album was released, the eclectic Texas label iNsect Records, got in contact with him and talked about a possible follow-up. A few years later “Starship 27 Vol. 2: Take Off” returns with J1 again as it’s curatorial captain, guiding the spacecraft on its musical voyage. On board we find artists such as DaM-FunK, I-Ced, Dibia$e, P.U.D.G.E., Devonwho, House Shoes, Eric Lau, Computer Jay, Ras-G, Blackspade (watch out for 'B Wit U' which has Black Spade doing his best Omar Lye Fook) & Coultrain. So stay tuned, mark the 29th on your calendar and get ready for some heavyweight beats. In the meanwhile I've embedded the preview of the return, alongside Vol. 1 immediately below. Strap your ears in for a journey through interstellar space...


A-live - Crazy BPM ||

Snowman Jack - I Believe ||

P.U.D.G.E. Sensuous Essence ||

J1 - Summer ||

Devonwho - Looselydefined ||

Computer Jay - Zoom ||

Teeko ft. Dwight Trible - Easy Going ||

Dam Funk - Just Wanna Ride ||

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Sun Behind The Clouds ||

Proh Mic - 2000 Won ||

Dibia$e - Come Get It ||

J. Bizness - Biz 47 ||

Moonsatellite - Star Blazers ||

Black Spade - New African ||

A-Live - Two 4 Blu ||

14KT - The Stylus ||

DJ House Shoes - Dorothy's Look ||


Project Mooncircle - Finest Ego


The tendency towards advanced beats seems to be more and more a global phenomenon. As we already know: Decentred beats for decentred people. Project Mooncircle is another label which turns its attention to the thriving global beat scene and one with quite promising results. The 'Finest Ego' compilation series moves onto its third location now, joining our Antipodean friends down under. Having made previous stops in Russia, and discovering en route 'Searchlight' by Democracy which played out as a a superb cinematic score to some 23rd century psychedelic SF thriller due to the sheer power of synths and the overwhelming pulsating melody, Finest Ego also went on to showcase some of the rising talent from the land of the rising Sun - namely the Japanese beat scene. This third installment showcases the originality from New Zealand & Australia. Once again it fails to disappoint.

Like the area these two countries cover, their sound is wide varying. From heavily laced future funk and soul to the beautiful musical textures and organic vibe their surrounding environment inspires. This compilation exhibits the talent of some of the South Pacific’s finest beat making talent such as, Adi Dick, Ben Houghton, Ben Jamin w/ Matt Miller, Christoph El Truento, D:UNK, Electric Sea Spider, Galapagoose, Isaac Aesili, Kilter, Lewis McCallum, Mike Kay, Panorama, Slamagotchi and Ta Ku.

I've embedded all three installments below for the curious ears amongst you.


Pavel Dovgal - Is On Fire ||

Pixelord - Zero One ||

Demokracy - Searchlight ||

Moa Pillar - Way Of Wind ||

Arktor - Henry Dorsett Case ||

DZA - Fireball ||

 Shawalski - Gettin Hi ||

 Myown - Vladislav Kovac ||

 Nienvox - Hairs ||

813 - Gamma ||

Long Arm - The Roots ||

BudaMunk - Samurai Assassin ||

a.z - Spotless ||

The Astronotes - Soul Miner ||

RLP - Cheat Cords ||

SATO - On The Runn ||

Ogiyy - In This Moment ||

Ferrarri - Before Red ||

ichiro_ - Sumiyoshi ||

DJ Olive Oil - Jap Angele ||

Eccy - Chrome ||

Himuro Yoshiteru - Drip Something On Your Palette ||

Daisuke Tanabe - Witch Hunt ||


Adi Dick - Spacedust ||

Ben Houghton - Slow Embrace ||

Ben Jamin w; Matt Miller - Gutter Fonk ||

Christoph El Truento - Water Bearer ||

D:UNK - Down Town Funk ||

Electric Sea Spider - Young King Trash ||

Galapagoose - Shades of Summer ||

Isaac Aesili - Freedomcry ||

Kilter - Vegabond ||

Lewis McCallum - Fly or Die ||

Mike Kay - Beep ||

Panorama - Cosmic Love ||

Slamagotchi - 99 Cent ||

Ta Ku - Nice Eyes ||




Om Unit - Chug Revolution!


Last Summer Om Unit took off round the country driving the full span of the British Isles reaching the farthest Northern point of the mainland in an incredible RV he’d hand-reared, full of food cans and equipment for making music. We’d spoken briefly online and shown mutual respect for each other on Ustream chat rooms but it was one of the rare moments that virtual friends become real friends when the guy just called us to say he was about half an hour away from our studio. We were playing in this tiny bar called Bramble that night and ended up all going up to this girls house-party afterwards where an only-in-edinburgh crop of trustafarians tried to hustle us chemical drugs, dancing with their breasts out, and electrocute us with a broken camera flash. I mean, it was a pretty weird and debased night for Om Unit to just sorta be there along for the ride – but it was natural. Instant family you know. You just click with some people. I think this is written all over this website – but music is one of the greatest ways to meet people – especially this weird shit we make – cause if you get that you can presume so much familiarity with each other. This tape, and in fact all these tapes, say more about the actual person than you might at first think.....

Now, Om Unit has taken a moment to create tape # 94 for the LuckyMe blend. It's more slow fun, down in the 100 - 110BPM range (i swear these tempos are going to be the one this year) - no tracklist just yet, although I've spotted a couple by Mosca and Behling & Simpson. Dig in!

Right click here to download.

While we're here, I guess it'd only be fair to mention his next release, due out on CIVIL music in the next couple of weeks. It's called 'The Timps' and it's a 5-track EP which you can preview below:









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