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Last Summer Om Unit took off round the country driving the full span of the British Isles reaching the farthest Northern point of the mainland in an incredible RV he’d hand-reared, full of food cans and equipment for making music. We’d spoken briefly online and shown mutual respect for each other on Ustream chat rooms but it was one of the rare moments that virtual friends become real friends when the guy just called us to say he was about half an hour away from our studio. We were playing in this tiny bar called Bramble that night and ended up all going up to this girls house-party afterwards where an only-in-edinburgh crop of trustafarians tried to hustle us chemical drugs, dancing with their breasts out, and electrocute us with a broken camera flash. I mean, it was a pretty weird and debased night for Om Unit to just sorta be there along for the ride – but it was natural. Instant family you know. You just click with some people. I think this is written all over this website – but music is one of the greatest ways to meet people – especially this weird shit we make – cause if you get that you can presume so much familiarity with each other. This tape, and in fact all these tapes, say more about the actual person than you might at first think.....

Now, Om Unit has taken a moment to create tape # 94 for the LuckyMe blend. It's more slow fun, down in the 100 - 110BPM range (i swear these tempos are going to be the one this year) - no tracklist just yet, although I've spotted a couple by Mosca and Behling & Simpson. Dig in!

Right click here to download.

While we're here, I guess it'd only be fair to mention his next release, due out on CIVIL music in the next couple of weeks. It's called 'The Timps' and it's a 5-track EP which you can preview below:


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