Renegades of Jazz & The Jazz Gangsters


Renegades of Jazz is David Hanke, who also produces music under the names of Mad Doc or Unifairfly, and who's also a member of groups Madball Scientists, Mankoora or Mash & Munkee. Renegades of Jazz is raw and heavy produced music, fusing jazz with breakbeat elements, bringing the jazz back to the dancefloor. What started as an experiment in trying something new, lead to instant recognition in being signed by UK based producer Smoove to his new label Wass Records. After the huge success of the first singles and great feedback from all over the globe, the greatly received Karabine EP, will be followed up by a full length album 'Hip To The Jive' in 2011 and it's sure to continue to fuse dusty brash samples, beautiful vocal hooks, vintage percussion and a deep double bass to an astonishing effect.

Tracklisting :
01. Renegades Of Jazz - Intro
(more info on, 2011 / Wass)
02. Gotye - A Distinctive Sound
(from 'Like Drawing Blood' album, 2006 / Self-Released)
03. Krash Slaughta - Bedop
(from 'Bedop EP' single, 2011 / Rocstar)
04. Sporto Kantes - Heart
(from '2nd Round' album, 2004 / Catalogue)
05. magOwl - Natural High
(Challenge #73 from the 'Louis Den Beat Battles', 2011)
06. Mooch - My Spider Walks Again
(from 'My Spider Walks Again' 7 inch, 2005 / Jack To Phono
07. The Q4 - One Of These Days
(from 'Sound Surroundings' album, 2010 / Project: Mooncircle)
08. The Heliocentrics - Distant Star
(from 'Out There' album, 2007 / Now-Again)
09. Suhov - Igene
(from 'Heartbox' album, 2011 / Budabeats)
10. Royale Blue - Pretty Little Harp
(Unreleased track taken from, 2011)
11. Sketchie - Feud At Saint East's
(from 'Rain By High Lantern' album, 2004 / Lumenessence)
12. Victor Jara - Manifiesto
(from 'Manifiesto - Chile September 1973' album, 1974 / Transatlantic)

Original artwork covers:

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Continuing the jazz mantra, albeit of a harder variety, the Jazz Gangsters bring you a collection of European fee jazz, or more specifically the Hard-bop that enveloped the German scene from 1963-1980.

01. Elsie Bianchi Trio - Little Bird
02. Dieter Reith Trio - On Green Dolphin Street
03. The Fritz Pauer Trio - English Garden Walk
04. Karel Velebny - Nude
05. Don Menza - Cinderella's Waltz
06. Albert Mangelsdorff - Sakura Waltz
07. Jef Gilson Nonet feat. Jean Louis Chautemps - Overture
08. Nathan Davis - That Kaycee Thing
09. Francy Boland - I'm All Smiles
10. Gustav Brom Big Band - Contraband
11. Johnny Griffin - Deep Eight
12. Andre' Previn - Look at Him Go
13. Dieter Reith Trio - A Happy Afternoon
14. SAHIB SHIHAB - Om Mani Adme Hum
15. Joki Freund Sextet - Aisha

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the All Day Music Show - A Wallington Shaw Spring!


Woah, I've been away so long that it now appears that the Spring vibe is rolling along into the burgeoning bliss of Summer!

What better way to join the warmth then to treat ourselves courtesy of the guys on The All Day Music Show, filling the airwaves at Point Reyes Station, California, filling the airwaves with Springtime Jazz.

1. INTRODUCTION: "Indifference", Pearl Jam
/ ALSO WITH: "for Leo Villareal", EscapeArt
/ Thurston Moore

2. "Memory Band", Minnie Riperton
/ ALSO WITH: "I’m Always Drunk In San Francisco", Carmen McRae
/ "Dress Rehearsal Rag", Leonard Cohen
/ "Glass Menagerie Fantasies", Bobb Trimble
/ ?"Walk and Talk?", ?Benoit & Sergio?

3. "Smokey Joe The Dreamer" and "The Peterman", Bullet
/ ALSO WITH: "Dam'sKeys" (ThenWHT), Mndsgn.
/ "Ribbons", Monster Rally
/ "Waves Imagination", Lone

4. "Death of a Friend", Double-O
/ ALSO WITH: "Do What You Want, Be What You Are", The Dramatics

5. "Goin' Down South", Bobby Hutcherson
/ ALSO WITH: "RobotSexTape," EPROM
/ "Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (Featuring B.B. King)", Elvin Bishop

6. "Run on Home", Brother Jack McDuff
/ ALSO WITH: "Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord," Pharoah Sanders
/ "Clouding", Four Tet
/ "Goodbye Blue Sky", Pink Floyd

7. "I Can't Help It", Michael Jackson

8. "One Mint Julep", Bob James

9. "Brasswind", Gene Ammons
/ ALSO WITH: "The Old One, Two", Ramp

10. "Wouldn't It Be Nice", Bullion

11. "Daylight", Yesterday's New Quintet / "Drown", Smashing Pumpkins

12. "Don't go chasing waterfalls", TLC

13. "All Too Common", Sol.illaquists Of Sound

14. "Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin", T.P. Orchestra Poly-Rythmo

15. "Gibraltar", Stanley Turrentine
/ ALSO WITH: "Harbor Masters", Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck Feat. AZ
/ "Dark Star", Crosby Stills and Nash
/ "Cab Weather", Dark Party

16. "Land Ho/Masasu", Monster Rally

17. "Between The Sheets", Isley Brothers

18. "Before I Move Off", Mount Kimbie / "Smile Around The Face"
/ Four Tet

19. "RobotSexTape", EPROM

20. INTERLUDE: "Heaven's Gate", Lake R?dio
/ ALSO WITH: "for Leo Villareal", EscapeArt
/ "A Sense of Wonder" written and performed by Kaiulani Lee, recorded Monday, January 10, 2011| Herbst Theatre, San Francisco

21. "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", Seu Jorge and Almaz

22. "Give Me Just A Little More Time", Chairmen Of The Board

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Jon Is - Episode 3


Vinyl only DJ set spun by Jon Is at Mermaid Meet and Greet party at the grace hotel courtesy of The CRAZYTOWN Cultural Association.

Includes tracks from:
John F Kennedy
Free The Robots

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Doe Ran The Golden Age Of Hip-Hop Vol 3


Doe Ran completes his Golden Age trilogy, with the third of his mixes.
Gone are the days of Golden innovation!

1. The Death Of Hip-Hop - Kool DJ EQ
2. Midnight - A Tribe Called Quest
3. U Got Shot - EPMD, 215, 8-Off, Agallah
4. Still Shinin' - Mobb Deep
5. Alive On Arrival - Ice Cube
6. Mass Appeal - Gangstarr
7. Code Of The Streets - Gangstarr
8. Catch A Bad One - Del The Funky Homosapien
9. Whatchu Want - Nine
10. Criminology - Raekwon, Ghostface Killah
11. Nouveau Western - MC Solaar
12. Put Your Hands Where I Can See - Busta Rhymes
13. Black With NV - Black Sheep
14. T.R.O.Y - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
15. My Summer Vacation - Ice Cube
16. Do It Again - EPMD
17. Subway Theme - DJ Grand Wizard Theodore
18. '93 'Til Infinity - Souls Of Mischief
19. Fat Cats and Bigga Fish - The Coup
20. Can' Truss It - Public Enemy

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Ta-Ku: 24


This '24' Beat Tape is a testament to the technology age we live in. Being a big fan of SOULECTION it was crazy to think I could make a beat one night and 2 hours later, email it straight to Joe Kay for it to be played to the world that very same day. Inspired by Joe's fine selection of music - I decided to see how many beats I could bump out and polish in a 24 hour period.

Ta-Ku, a recent Redbull Music Academy participant (Barcelona '08) has gone from strength to strength and has released a plethora of beat tapes and with releases set to drop in 2011. This future beat maker is inspired from the likes of Dilla, Häzel, Onra, Fs Green, B. Bravo & Dibiase. He has produced beats internationally for artists like Cyhi The Prynce (G.O.O.D Music), John Robinson, Raashan Ahmad, Outasight, Kid Daytona, Phil Ade, Raaka (Dilated Peoples) and more. Herein lies 13 Soulful, Eclectic, & Future-Fusion heaters all in one release, of which all proceeds once again go directly to Japan.

Be sure to keep your ears sharp for a 12" release coming from Ta-Ku and Kit Pop entitled 'Bounce. Out on Paper Chain Record and featuring remixes from DIZZ 1 & THE BLESSINGS, it promises alot.


Mono/Poly - Manifestations EP


Charles E. Dickerson is an absolute fiend when it comes to making infectious music. We were treated to the Paramatma LP off Tasteful Licks, and The George Machine EP was bananas. Now he moves his pastures onto Brainfeeder. Since its inception in 2008, Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label has released some outstanding leftfield music. Last year saw Lorn's Nothing Else, a marvellous hodge-podge of surging basslines and ghostly melodies. This year, meanwhile, has brought MatthewDavid's International EP by and a re-release of Mr Oizo's underrated Moustache (Half A Scissor). Now it's the turn of Mono/Poly. Mono/Poly’s latest release, Manifestations EP, is no exception to the wondrous production.

Manifestations EP is a 22-minute adventure that explores a slew of sounds. Beatless opener, “Manifestations”, gives listeners a brief but sublime introduction and could just as easily be a Boards of Canada vignette. It’s a downtempo track as analogue synths shimmer and textured crackle ripples across both channels, and one that preps your nerves for the onslaught of sounds you’re about to hear. The first surge of rhythm comes on "Forest Dark," an organic yet emotive piece that takes cues from both Lorn and FlyLo. "Glow" is more of a slow burner, riding an afterhours G-funk melody and infectious bass loop to its natural conclusion. (Its smooth-as-silk R&B inflections lend it a smutty, downtown sentiment.) The segue into "Needs Deoderant" is just as smooth, shifting the beat from lazy shuffle to restless minor key disco complete with rhythmic wah-wah synths and cow bell.

Manifestations ||

 Forest Dark ||

 Glow ||

 Needs Deoderant ||

 Toe Jam ||

 Punch The Troll In The Neck ||

 Vibrations (Alternate) ||

Dorian Concept - XLR8R Mix & Her Tears Taste Like Pears


Vienna virtuoso Dorian Concept has been on the mix for XLR8R, emerging just in time to promote his new 12" and official release from Ninja Tune, Her Tears Taste Like Pears (previewed below).

The mix finds the classically trained Dorian Concept indulging his penchant for both jazzier, pastoral sounds and frenetic, herky-jerky beats paired with hyperactive, pitch-bent synths.

01 Dorian Concept "Thank You All the Time Forever" (Ninja Tune)
02 John Coltrane "Your Lady" (Impulse)
03 Africa Hitech "Light the Way" (Warp)
04 Machinedrum "gbye"
05 Sam Irl "Safety Hertz (Cid Rim Remix)" (Fresh Minute)
06 FaltyDL "Tell Them Stories" (Planet Mu)
07 Manitoba "Paul's Birthday" (Leaf)
08 Sixtus Preiss & The Clonious "Specimen from Springbing" (Affine)
09 Funboy "Time Hates You"
10 Dorian Concept "Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Live Version)"

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The irresistible serpentine synth that propels the opening track says all there is to say about Dorian Concept. The music is never overpowering; the percussion snaps with admirable restraint and the melodies are all precisely and delicately constructed. It’s only in the final moments that cramp sets in and chattering synths stammer out an abrupt epilogue. The mayhem continues in the form of the candidly named My Face Needs Food; one for the early morning, a soundtrack to bleary eyed wandering through streets caressed by rosy fingered dawn. Though the heart at the core of the track beats with purpose, lunatic synths, held upright only by the wavering beat, sweep and trip over each other in a dazzling and drunken cacophony.

By the halfway mark the fifteen minute EP slowly shifts from outright oceanic rapture to calmer waters; over the course of Toe Games the music trickles in subdued, miasma like streams rather than imitating the thundering melodic waterfalls of the initial tracks, whilst Thank You is gorgeous in its subdued melancholy. It is precisely this unassuming evolution that makes Her Tears so compelling; each song flows like an aural tributary into the musical horizon, forming a body of sound that’s simple and innocent at heart, yet still overwhelmingly alluring.

Intensely intricate and musical, yet supremely soulful, Dorian Concept creates tunes which are simultaneously melancholy, propulsive and uplifting. Whatever he touches sounds completely and exclusively like himself, a completely developed aesthetic, rather than the zigzagging re-hashes of a hack.

Her Tears Taste Like Pears ||

 My Face Needs Food ||

 Toe Games Made Her ||

 Thank You All The Time ||

Nihon Kizuna - Bonus


It's been rather quiet around here lately, in part due to the web of petrophysical modelling that has entangled me. Well spring is kicking in and we're back in business!

Whilst I've been in the dark, a small group of Tokyo-based artists (from Japan, Ukraine and France) and one visiting London-based journalist (from Italy) spun the rolodex and reached out to friends/artists with the idea of a benefit compilation. It took no convincing and Nihon Kazuna has thus far raised $30k. The original idea was a hit and the guys were swamped with submissions... the tracks kept pouring in and they've now decided to release a bonus LP in continued support of the rebuilding efforts in Japan, Nihon Kizuna Bonus.

Set up as a pay what you can, this compilation once again assembles the young and bright form the production scene, spanning the globe. Another 34 tracks for all to enjoy, and man... you can probably use this as a tax receipt as well.

Artists and labels involved in the compilation include Kode 9, Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Broken Haze, Circulations Records, All City Records, Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa, XLII, Memory 9, Ninja Tune, Kid Kanevil, Om Unit, Paul White, One Handed Music, BD1982, Fink, Emika, Mux Mool, Ernest Gonzales, Paper Tiger, Sesped, Jay Scarlett, Elliott Yorke (Royalty), Kan Sano, Onra and many more.

Represented on the compilation are over 7 countries, 40 artists and 10 labels.

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