the All Day Music Show - A Wallington Shaw Spring!


Woah, I've been away so long that it now appears that the Spring vibe is rolling along into the burgeoning bliss of Summer!

What better way to join the warmth then to treat ourselves courtesy of the guys on The All Day Music Show, filling the airwaves at Point Reyes Station, California, filling the airwaves with Springtime Jazz.

1. INTRODUCTION: "Indifference", Pearl Jam
/ ALSO WITH: "for Leo Villareal", EscapeArt
/ Thurston Moore

2. "Memory Band", Minnie Riperton
/ ALSO WITH: "I’m Always Drunk In San Francisco", Carmen McRae
/ "Dress Rehearsal Rag", Leonard Cohen
/ "Glass Menagerie Fantasies", Bobb Trimble
/ ?"Walk and Talk?", ?Benoit & Sergio?

3. "Smokey Joe The Dreamer" and "The Peterman", Bullet
/ ALSO WITH: "Dam'sKeys" (ThenWHT), Mndsgn.
/ "Ribbons", Monster Rally
/ "Waves Imagination", Lone

4. "Death of a Friend", Double-O
/ ALSO WITH: "Do What You Want, Be What You Are", The Dramatics

5. "Goin' Down South", Bobby Hutcherson
/ ALSO WITH: "RobotSexTape," EPROM
/ "Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (Featuring B.B. King)", Elvin Bishop

6. "Run on Home", Brother Jack McDuff
/ ALSO WITH: "Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord," Pharoah Sanders
/ "Clouding", Four Tet
/ "Goodbye Blue Sky", Pink Floyd

7. "I Can't Help It", Michael Jackson

8. "One Mint Julep", Bob James

9. "Brasswind", Gene Ammons
/ ALSO WITH: "The Old One, Two", Ramp

10. "Wouldn't It Be Nice", Bullion

11. "Daylight", Yesterday's New Quintet / "Drown", Smashing Pumpkins

12. "Don't go chasing waterfalls", TLC

13. "All Too Common", Sol.illaquists Of Sound

14. "Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin", T.P. Orchestra Poly-Rythmo

15. "Gibraltar", Stanley Turrentine
/ ALSO WITH: "Harbor Masters", Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck Feat. AZ
/ "Dark Star", Crosby Stills and Nash
/ "Cab Weather", Dark Party

16. "Land Ho/Masasu", Monster Rally

17. "Between The Sheets", Isley Brothers

18. "Before I Move Off", Mount Kimbie / "Smile Around The Face"
/ Four Tet

19. "RobotSexTape", EPROM

20. INTERLUDE: "Heaven's Gate", Lake R?dio
/ ALSO WITH: "for Leo Villareal", EscapeArt
/ "A Sense of Wonder" written and performed by Kaiulani Lee, recorded Monday, January 10, 2011| Herbst Theatre, San Francisco

21. "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", Seu Jorge and Almaz

22. "Give Me Just A Little More Time", Chairmen Of The Board

Head over here, to download in the full 320.


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