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Renegades of Jazz is David Hanke, who also produces music under the names of Mad Doc or Unifairfly, and who's also a member of groups Madball Scientists, Mankoora or Mash & Munkee. Renegades of Jazz is raw and heavy produced music, fusing jazz with breakbeat elements, bringing the jazz back to the dancefloor. What started as an experiment in trying something new, lead to instant recognition in being signed by UK based producer Smoove to his new label Wass Records. After the huge success of the first singles and great feedback from all over the globe, the greatly received Karabine EP, will be followed up by a full length album 'Hip To The Jive' in 2011 and it's sure to continue to fuse dusty brash samples, beautiful vocal hooks, vintage percussion and a deep double bass to an astonishing effect.

Tracklisting :
01. Renegades Of Jazz - Intro
(more info on, 2011 / Wass)
02. Gotye - A Distinctive Sound
(from 'Like Drawing Blood' album, 2006 / Self-Released)
03. Krash Slaughta - Bedop
(from 'Bedop EP' single, 2011 / Rocstar)
04. Sporto Kantes - Heart
(from '2nd Round' album, 2004 / Catalogue)
05. magOwl - Natural High
(Challenge #73 from the 'Louis Den Beat Battles', 2011)
06. Mooch - My Spider Walks Again
(from 'My Spider Walks Again' 7 inch, 2005 / Jack To Phono
07. The Q4 - One Of These Days
(from 'Sound Surroundings' album, 2010 / Project: Mooncircle)
08. The Heliocentrics - Distant Star
(from 'Out There' album, 2007 / Now-Again)
09. Suhov - Igene
(from 'Heartbox' album, 2011 / Budabeats)
10. Royale Blue - Pretty Little Harp
(Unreleased track taken from, 2011)
11. Sketchie - Feud At Saint East's
(from 'Rain By High Lantern' album, 2004 / Lumenessence)
12. Victor Jara - Manifiesto
(from 'Manifiesto - Chile September 1973' album, 1974 / Transatlantic)

Original artwork covers:

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Continuing the jazz mantra, albeit of a harder variety, the Jazz Gangsters bring you a collection of European fee jazz, or more specifically the Hard-bop that enveloped the German scene from 1963-1980.

01. Elsie Bianchi Trio - Little Bird
02. Dieter Reith Trio - On Green Dolphin Street
03. The Fritz Pauer Trio - English Garden Walk
04. Karel Velebny - Nude
05. Don Menza - Cinderella's Waltz
06. Albert Mangelsdorff - Sakura Waltz
07. Jef Gilson Nonet feat. Jean Louis Chautemps - Overture
08. Nathan Davis - That Kaycee Thing
09. Francy Boland - I'm All Smiles
10. Gustav Brom Big Band - Contraband
11. Johnny Griffin - Deep Eight
12. Andre' Previn - Look at Him Go
13. Dieter Reith Trio - A Happy Afternoon
14. SAHIB SHIHAB - Om Mani Adme Hum
15. Joki Freund Sextet - Aisha

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