Mux Mool - Wax Rose Saturday EP

Mux Mool’s music practically screams “open source.” There’s something in its scrappy, kitchen-sink construction and schizophrenic, grab-anything-that’s-around spirit that begs reinterpretation, recombining, remixing. Enter the Wax Rose Saturday EP, the follow-up to Skulltaste, Brian Lindgren’s full-length debut as Mux Mool. Seven remixes, one new track, and endless insight into the fearless producer’s multi-faceted work.

It’s telling that Wax Rose Saturday’s opening track, Mux Mool’s “remux” of Skulltaste’s “Wax Rose Saturday”, is barely a distant cousin of the original. Slinking around a sly piano sample with spiraling vocoder in tow, Mux’s new “Wax Rose” is the warm, analog answer to its blippy, bitcrushed source. Daso’s rerub of “Enceladus” is a standout, twisting the original’s winking disco workout into a nocturnal tech-house banger, all elastic basslines and dubby keys; Shigeto’s take on “Morning Strut” adds polyrhythmic percussion and hard-panned audio tricks to the track’s piano-led melancholy. Wax Rose Saturday’s new track, the slow-burning “Valley Girls”, is classic Mux Mool, located somewhere between West Coast ‘90s hip-hop and Miami Vice.

Mr Mool drops ‘Wax Rose Saturday’ from his well received ‘Skulltaste’ album backed with the exclusive ‘Valley Girls’ and remixes from Paul White, Free The Robots, Daso, Shigeto, and Devonwho. The title track sounds like a Prefuse 73 track circa ‘Vocal Studies’, while ‘Valley Girls’ is a more laidback display of R’n'B/IDM fusions. Attacking tracks from the album, Paul White gives a psych-spiked head nodders mix of ‘Wolf Tone Symphony’, while Devonwho gives a BoC-ish mix of ‘Lady Linda’ and Daso turns ‘Enceladus’ into a discofied electrohouse romp.

01. Wax Rose Saturday (Remux Edit)
02. Valley Girls
03. Skulltatse (Free The Robots Remix)
04. Enceladus (Daso Remix)
05. Morning Strut
06. Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix)
07. Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit)
08. Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix)

Be sure to preview it below, and head on over to Ghostly to grab it.

Wax Rose Saturday (Remux edit)

Grab this one free here

Valley Girls

Skulltaste (Free The Robots Remix)

Enceladus (Daso Remix)

Morning Strut (Shigeto Remix)

Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix)

Lady Linda (Devonwho Remix)

Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix)

Another freebie here!

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