Evil Genius Soundsystem Vol. 1


Came across this Dutch venture last night which answers to the name of 'Evil Genius Soundsystem Volume 1'. The project consists of Henning, Jaystar, City Lights and JeeJaa. Track 10 Villains Day Off by Henning is easily the standout for me.

Henning: Villains Day Off ||

Preview the album below, and then you can get it for free

01. Jaystar - Fatal Strike
02. Henning - Bill Murray Swag
03. City Lights - Liquid Combat
04. Jeejaa - Hoochie Operator
05. City Lights - Determined
06. Henning - Heroes Get Popped
07. City Lights - Outlaw Code
08. Jaystar - Doctor Mosquito's Payback
09. Jeejaa - Mirage
10. Henning - Villains Day Off
11. Jeejaa - Pick A Side
12. Jaystar - Gutterfeeling

The only previous i'd heard from any of these cats was the brief joint Wada Tah that Henning upped on his soundcloud last winter.


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