Blunted Library Show


Showing some love to French duo manndibull & Caterva (Ficus). This Turbo Jazz dyad heralds from Strasburg and compile a periodic blunted library show well worth checking, aswell as showcasing local talent on their Sens Inverse label.

Blunted Library Show 02:
Az : Spotless
The Astronotes : Soul Miner
Teebs : Why Like This
Shlomo : Siggy Cup
Teebs : Every One Alive Wants Answers
Tokimonsta, Lunice & Swed:Art : Alpenglow
BudamonkSamurai Assassin
Flako : Whats That Calling Me
Ichiro : Sumiyoshi
Jp & Ph7 Ft Odisee : Fast Lane Speedin'
Paralelle Concept & Kocmoc : 5th Titan
Lapti : Wishu
Slugabed : Here You Are
Pixelord Vs Acid Mafia : Goomba Trip
1000 Names : Rocket Loop'94
Grillo : Shoryureppa
Juj : Mbira Spirit
Democracy : Starhaven
Circus Of Mind : Diaphonous Folds
Lazer Swords Rmx : You Ain't It
Lorn Rmx Kesmo : Come Back
Son Of A Kick & No Fixed Above : Xmas dubmas :

Blunted Library Show 02 by Ficus


Blunted Library Show 03 - Chris the Vinylist

BLS 03 with Chris the Vinylist by Ficus

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