Kper - A Mix for Hoya:Hoya

Some Hoya:Hoya love..

A 60 minute love letter to Hoya:Hoya soundtracked by a worldwide selection of unreleased beats, classics and forthcoming joints mashed up with classic rap accapellas. Enjoy!

Jon Wayne x Samiyam - Milton Brandy [Bootleg]
Metal Fingered Doom - Shallots [Special Herbs]
Eccy - Ruins [Slye Recs] x De La Soul & MF Doom - Rock Co Kane Flow [accapella]
Goodie Mob - Is That You God (Dabrye remix) [Adult Swim]
Ken Lo Craqnuques - Bass [Bleu]
Dizz 1 - RIRRR [Nod Navigators] x Busta Rhymes - Whoo Haaa [accapella]
Charles Tress - Mahjongg [Musique Large]
Lazer Sword - Surf News [Forthcoming Innovative Leisure]
DJ Baku ft. Primal & Rumi - Chikusatsu [DDD]
Jonny Faith - Faze 2 (2phast remix) [Forthcoming Civil Music] x Clipse - Coast to Coast [accapella]
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer [Black Acre] x Wu Tang Clan - CREAM [accapella] x Hud Mo - Elephant [CDR]
MHE - Track 5 [?] x Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy [accapella] x Mono/Poly - Fireworks [Tasteful Licks]
Exile ft. Evidence, Krondon, Blame One - We're All In Power [Plug Research]
Paul White - Ultra Violet [One Handed]
SATO - Maturi No Oto [CDR]
Jay Dee - Sunbeams [?]
Jon Wayne - 1 For Kutmah [CDR]
Josip Kloby - Everyday Same Route [CDR] x Big L - Put It On [accapella]
Uncle Lew - Puerto Rico [CDR]
Machinedrum - Stomp That Remix [Bootleg]
Mono/Poly - The Beatles [Faces Records]
Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Astronote El Camino Remix) [Bootleg]
Oh No - Wawa [Stones Throw]
00Genesis - Smile's Revenge [CDR]
Monkeysequence - Summer Blu [CDR] x Quasimoto - Broad Factor [accapella]
Anti Pop Consortium - ? (Audace remix) [Bootleg]
Ben One - The Wasp [CDR]
Sam IRL - Beat #1 [CDR] x Madvillain - Meatgrinder [accapella]
Lorn - Running Ink [CDR] x Notorious BIG - Dead Wrong [accapella]
2tall - Potholes [CDR]
Take aka Sweatson Klank - End Begin End (Take remix) [Forthcoming Alpha Pup]

Kper - A Mix for HoyaHoya by laurentfintoni

And an Illum Sphere mix to boot:

Stop! Pejorist! Mix! by Illum Sphere

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