Mymanhenri - Kaleidoscopic

At the end of the day, I'm happy about this mix for the fact that it was requested by a boutique label a greatly admire, All City, and that it reflects the enthusiasm in music that I've always had: metal, hip hop, electronic and all in between. I was going to call this potentially, MPCs n Beatbreaks v2, as it was going to be a long overdue follow up to v1 (which is still available to my surprise), but I chose otherwise. Kaleidoscopic was more apt for so many reasons, many of which will come to light soon.

This comes courtesy of mymanhenri, at the request of All City, and straight outta T Dot!

1. k (break) - Metallica
2. Begin End Begin (TaKe's retrospect rmx) - TaKe
3. YESterday - RLP
4. Bubblin Hot - Leornard Dstroy
5. Nothing Is Always Something.
6. Meleportation - Ultragamma
7. Goodnight - Elaquent
8. Black Crayon (break) - Ana Caravelle
9. Triceratopless - heRobust
10. Dance Brace - Letherette
11. Punta Skala - Don Leisure
12. Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit)
13. L.I.A.B. - Onra
14. Samolero - Sunclef
15. Neighborhood Watch - Dibia$e
16. Still Love (Blue Daisy rmx) - Pollyn
17. Ancestors (Dreamtime Mark Pritchard rmx) - Gonjasufi
18. Double Fifths - Teebs
19. Mi Viejo - Ratatat
20. Waters Of Duality - Monopoly
21. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx - xxxxxx xxxxxx (Unreleased)
22. The things you left - Flying Lotus
23. Before We Talked - Gold Panda
24. Tinitus - Comfort Fit
25. Sun - Caribou
26. Sun (break) - Caribou

Grab a brief rundown of the tracklist here and soak it in.

All City Podcast - Kaleidoscopia w/ mymanhenri 92bpm by allcitydublin

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