Full Crate & FS Green - Beat Mix for Carhartt


With a hole clutch of new releases out recently, it would have been easy to sleep on the latest in Melting Pot Music's Hi-Hat club series which strides onto it's fifth installment already. This one's been compiled by the prolific twosome of FS Green and Full Crate who continue to drop and push much of that magic that has come out of the Dutch scene. "Eggs And Pancakes" takes the best of both worlds – well chopped samples and so-called electronics – to express their vision of an instrumental hip-hop album in the year 2010. Be sure to grab that, and in the meanwhile adjust your waves to the latest of their mixes, one done for Carhartt.


01 Kritikul & Teddy P - Abounding Grace
02 Tony Tritone - Loving You
03 OJ & Crate - Formule One
04 Kelakovski - Creeper
05 B. Bravo - Orfeo (Will You Stay)
06 Slum Village - Faster (Instrumental)
07 Harmonic 33 - Rainsong
08 Bugseed - Tear Loose
09 Quasimoto - Boom Music (Instrumental)
10 J.Rocc - Secondhand Sureshots
11 fLako - Crying On The In
12 Little Dragon - Fortune (AFTA-1 Remix)
13 The Planty Herbs - Music is The Word
14 Full Crate - Crack
15 FS Green - Awesome

Full Crate & FS Green - Beat Mix for Carhartt by MPMCGN

Download it here (Right Click)

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