HVW8 Podcast 22 - Computer Jay


Computer Jay has been steady on that grind tweaking dials, enjoy the fruits of his labor ripe as they are. He put out a 12" on Ramp, started to tour with Master Blazter, was featured on Gaslamp Killer's Death Gate EP and had that outstanding release with Dam Funk on All City.

Computer Jay returns to the scene of the crime: The HVW8 podcast. The initial super session (HVW8 #2) with Dam Funk and J-1 lead to the curation of Master Blazter and in Aug 2007, he curated Live @ The BBQ podcast #18 for HVW8, along with Kutmah. Just over 3 yrs later, he returns to the West Hollywood gallery to curate once more for the famed troupe.

Right click here to download it.

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