Aziz - Bag Full of Beats


Been bumping the mixes from the good guys over on MondayJazz of late, and for good reason too. This latest number, to produce the noises that distract from the relentless anguish of life, is courtesy of Back & Forth's Aziz and plays as a mellow affair whilst still carrying the mighty SunRa influenced undertone..

demdike stare - haxan
flying lotus - recalled
sun ra & the funkadelics - trash a go go - spaceways incorporated
Rabih Abou Khalil - Blue Camel - Sahara
Marc Johnson-Bass Desires-Thanks Again
Joshua Redman- Still Pushin' That Rock
Lukid - Raise High the Roof Beam
sun ra - space is the place- Under Different Stars
the last poets - niggers are scared of revolution
misel quitno - sleep over pieces- sie sehn es ab und zu
Gianluca Petrella - Kaleido-morceaux 3
Charles Blenzig - Say what you mean - with Stern,Brecker,Foster.Lee.Chambers,Badrena... Seyaho
Chris Potter -the mind's eye intro
zoo -moon eklektik 2 sides volume 3
Sun ra - lanquidity- twin stars of thence +soft machine - 1973 - seven - D.I.S.
victor wooten - a little buzz
fred wesley & the horny horns feat. maceo parker - 02 - a blow for me, a toot to you!
Adam Makowicz - Unit (Polskie Nagrania SX 0963) (1973) Sacred Song - Polish Jazz Vol. 35
harmonic 313 - when machines exceed human intelligence -Cyclotron
Andy Milne's Cosmic Dapp Theory -Bermuda Triangle
Eli Degibri Quintet - Cherokee-
demdike stare-conjoined
Miles Davis In Concert-Side Three 1997-in concert recorded live at philarmonic hall, new york
Steve coleman - The Ascension to Light-polarity equilibrium
demdike stare-conjoined+soft machine-1973 - seven - D.I.S.
tom trago - the fluor green ep- fluorgeen legged
yoggyone - shivers+Eli Degibri Quintet - Cherokee-
miles davis -1967 - Electric- Aida
?morceau 10 d une compile (gnawa)
Gianluca Petrella - Kaleido morceau 7
sun ra & the funkadelics - you and your folks, me and my folks - spaceways incorporated
?morceau 10 d une compile (gnawa)
sun ra Under Different Stars
chris joris Out Of The Night
Rustie-just for kicks instrumental
Marcus Miller-Pluck - interlude
Robotobibok-Jogging- Piecioro Dzieci I Cos (Live)

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