BEAT.IT - This Is Not A Revival


BEAT.IT: This Is Not A Revival brings together sixteen producers from the Italian underground in a glitch-laden collection of tracks ranging, as they put it, “from funk to abstract”.

As we all know Bass Music is a global force nowadays, with the latest hot producer being just as likely to hail from Lithuania or Norway as from the UK or The States, and this is undeniably a great thing. But it can often mean that while we might celebrate the individual artists, we learn very little about the local or national scenes in which they operate. BEAT.IT serves as a nice little antidote to this problem, providing a great window into the current Italian Abstract-Beat scene (via London, Sydney and California!)

Although coordinated by just one man – Andrea ‘Railster‘ Uliana – the release involves so many labels/club nights/crews:

“The project is a collaboration of Error Broadcast, Made in Glitch and ReddArmy, with the support of Get Beat, Homework Records, Il Vinilificio, Laid Back, Overknights, PTW School, Sentire Ascoltare, Snob Production and Snowy Peach.”

Head over to the official website, for the download.


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