Moka Only & Chief - Crickets


Canadian rapper/producer Moka Only continues his hook up with Swiss beatmaker Chief. Moka Only and Chief first collaborated in 2008 on the tracks “Do Work” and “Felt before”, and soon after Moka Only dropped his album “Lowdown Suite 2 – The Box” on Chief’s label Feelin’ music. A good connection and the fact that each artist seemed to get the best out of the other convinced Moka Only and Chief to delve into the collaboration once more and have this natural flow of united work result in a full-length album. The result is “Crickets” and it's released today!

Head over to the bandcamp to grab it.

01. Crickets ||

02. Mess Around ||

03. Let It Show ||

04. For Always ||

05. In Here ||

06. Form The Future ||

07. Relief ||

08. What To Do ||

09. Tropicana ||

10. Show ||

11. Next Step ||

12. It’s All Us ||

13. Appreciation ||

14. First Time Back ||

15. If You Want It ||

16. The New ||


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