Ta-ku: Scraps V.2


Ta-Ku has put out another tape, Scraps v2. And in actuality, it serves its purpose as an appetizer as for his much buzzed about 50 days of Dilla project set to drop anytime on HW&W.


Sticking with HW&W, Elaquent‘s new track “Grey Poupon”, off his upcoming album The Scenic Route, has delivered just the vibe for the morning. This song features Octavio Santos on trumpet and flugelhorn, which brings a great jazz flavour to the hip-hop accompaniment. If you like what you hear, make sure to get a copy of Elaquent’s The Scenic Route on March 28th, 2012.


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Blob_59 said...

Wow, your blog has an incredible breadth music.

Stumbled in trying to find a copy of the recent Jazz on Three BBC Spin Marvel in Session show, which i sadly missed.

Pls, maybe you can help? Any clues where i might find this to download would be greatly appreciated.

A Time Machine, mmm... One directon, back... as for forward, checking some of the tracks here will defo transport me into the future!! Peace x

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