Oddisee - Spring

For those of you who initially missed earlier iterations of Oddisee’s unique seasonal releases, the last of which came out a couple of months back...

Oddisee (of celebrated group Diamond District) is coming off the back of a west coast tour, and has also been busy compiling a few pieces on the "Everything Changed Nothing" album released by Trek Life recently.

His first season-themed EP, Odd Summer, dropped in May 2009 starting Oddisee’s way into his “Odd Seasons” series creating a large fan base for the producer/emcee. As he went through the seasons and the year, the unique concept of the series became more apparent to anyone listening. Now that Oddisee has offered all four seasons for FREE download, he will be packaging all four seasons into an exclusive vinyl box set available though Mello Music Group in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for that one.

Anyway, here's the "Odd Spring" offering again. It's a classy showcase of the 'samples & real instruments' sound, away from the 808s and synth strings that have dominated the Dirty South vibes of recent years; if you like funk drums, classic string arrangements, soul melodies and blaxploitation organ riffs this is gonna be right up your street.

Olivier Daysoul provides the vocals on track 6, but being a drum nerd, this one's all about those chopped up breaks for me. Dope!

<a href="http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/album/odd-spring">The Blooming by oddisee</a>

Grab it from the bandcap page by clicking below.

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