Matthewdavid - All the Love I Fell for You (XLR8R Podcast)


The ranks of LA's beat scene have swelled exponentially in the past year, but even amongst the sea of FlyLo knockoffs, a small cadre of truly innovative producers continues to stand out. One of those producers is Matthewdavid, an accomplished beatmaker and sound collage artist who also happens to run the inventive Leaving Records label. Both David and the Leaving imprint are known for their love of unusual releases, whether it be limited-run cassettes with custom-made artwork or hand-painted floppy disks.

Matthewdavid conjures up a sound with an ever-evolving flow, and one that never fails to keep bodies and minds buzzing with warmth. His live sets are usually an exploration of deepest sea depths and in this case, the lower you dive the higher you get.

The guys over at XLR8R invited the Ambient Balladeer to curate the latest in their podcast series. David has combined abstract gems with field recordings, discarded cassettes, distorted vintage R&B instrumentals, and lots and lots of tape delay. When a mix includes song descriptions along the lines of "Mexican tape from the '80s I ended up throwing away," it's clearly not the average DJ offering.

01 Pacific Rim "Hong Kong Rain" (Chi)
02 Michael Jackson "Man In the Mirror (Instrumental)" (Epic)
03 Nicki Minaj "Your Love (Instrumental)" (Cash Money)
04 Kenny Loggins "I'm Gonna Do It Right" (Sony)
05 Matthewdavid "Be Honest"
06 DJ DMD feat. Lil Keke & Fat Pat "25 Lighters" (Wreckshop - SoSouth)
07 Matthewdavid "Noche y Dia" (Brainfeeder)
08 Shai "Comforter (Radio Re-mix)" (Gasoline Alley)
09 Off Balance Atlas "Immortality"
10 Hologram "Street Beat" (HBN)
11 The Ultimate in Relaxation "Mountain Retreat" (Magic Moods / Madacy)
12 Matthewdavid "Will Go Higher" (Open Wide Mix)
13 Milli Vanilli "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" (Arista)
14 Cameo "Honey" (PolyGram)
15 "Mexican tape from the '80s I ended up throwing away"
16 "Quick flip of that Mexican tape I ended up throwing away"
17 Jodeci "Forever My Lady" (MCA)
18 Bell Biv DeVoe "Something In Your Eyes (Instrumental)" (MCA)
19 Lapti "Circadian Rhythms" (Error Broadcast)
20 RJR '88 drop (Leaving)
21 Delofi "Untitled" (Unreleased")
22 "Another '80s tape I ended up throwing away"
23 "Field recording of Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in Bryson City, NC"
24 Jaye Williams "Let Me Be the One" (Local)
25 Matthewdavid "Desert Moon"
26 dak "youstandit"
27 Matthewdavid "Out Mind"

Download it here (Right Click)

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