Cody ChesnuTT - Black Skin No Value


It's been nearly 8 years in the making, but Cody Chesnutt finally drops this EP.

Earlier this year he surprised the world by dropping “Come back like spring” as a freeload and of course kept his fans at the edge of their seats cause naturally everybody wanted more. Shorty after that “Do better to the young” and just yesterday “The quiet girl who eats alone” emerged on several blogs with the announcement of the EP “Black Skin No Value” that was released a couple of days ago.

As ever Cody is backed by uncomplicated acoustic strings, and ChestnuTT's raspy voice is both sooth and haunts the senses at the same time.

The Quiet Girl Who Eats Alone’ is a familiar minute long interlude, the kind that were all over the critically acclaimed The Headphone Masterpiece (2002) and showcases the power of ChesnuTT’s bare bone writing skills; a voice, a guitar and a melody that leaves you wanting more, yet perfectly sets up the next track.

‘Everybody’s Brother’ picks up where the preceding song left off, ChesnuTT talks about his former vices and the fact that there is ‘No turning back.’ ‘Where Is All The Money Going’ is a poignant song when we look at the current economic climate. Once again, it is so reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s work in it’s composition, particularly the choice of background vocals and ad-libs, as well the lyrical content.

The EP closes with the phenomenal ‘To Be Upon The Perch’; once again, a bare bones track, with just ChesnuTT’s voice and a Honky Tonk piano banging out chords that are so pretty and haunting, all at once.

Come back like spring||

Do better to the young||

The quiet girl who eats alone||

Everybody's Brother||

Where Is All The Money Going||

To Be Upon the Perch||

The EP is Black Skin/ No Value and the full length is Landing on A Hundred. As we know in the vernacular, keep it one hundred is a common thing. So the landing on one hundred is like landing on something truthful.. Once again something that breathes and lives, that transcends any age or generation. It’s just something you can feed off of. Like.. That’s food. Food is truth.

Black Skin/ No Value is an ironic and provocative approach for us to look at where we are as a community right now. To take an assessment of the decisions we’re making because we all know that every decision we make is based upon personal value or perspective of value. So you’re looking at the crisis that we’re in right now as a community. And look at why the value perception is so low within and without the community.
Head here to preview it, and then jump to here to grab it.

For those of you who want more than just 6 tracks after waiting for 8 years …not to worry a full length album by the name of “Landing On A hundred” is in the works and will be out in 2011.


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