Huess - What It Cost


Building on the foundations laid down by pioneers such as J Dilla, Dam Funk, Onra and Bullion, Huess kicks the EP off with three warm boogie/80s soul-influenced beat tracks to make your head nod whilst A Simple Method (Bonus Beats) is a stripped down acoustic percussion work-out.

On the flip, Fulgeance (Musique Large) continues his recent run of scintillating form (Glamoure EP, Souleance) by pulling out all the stops with a cracking bass pummelling rework of Gak. Kelpe (Margins EP, Chocolate Money EP), who must also be on something a little stronger than coffee, finds time in his busy schedule to contribute a beautiful, synth-laced, bass wobbler of a remix on I’d Rather Be the Hunter.

True to their word, they're back. Late last summer, Huess released 'Broke,' an EP that set the stage for what was to be the pièce de resistance later that year, a new EP. Fast forward to present, and we've been blessed with it's arrival; 'What it Cost'

Finely chopped and sequenced vocal phrases push beats past instrumental standards, letting the tracks breath more like actual songs with full melodies, refrains and all. You heard it on the 1st Broke EP, and it carries through on this release. The EP marks the first physical release to come from Inaudible Answer, and is presented with remixes from Kelpe and Fulgeance and individually crafted, handmade sleeves.

The six tracks encompass 80s tinged funk-hop, soaring soul vocals and speaker shuddering bass punishment. Be sure to preview them in the minimix embedded below, listen to them in full on the bandcamp and then hit the jump to purchase.

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