Label Love - Volume 2


Each label evokes its own signature swagger giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow of genres. Label Love consists of nostalgic classics, fresh unreleased gems and other dope, exclusive selections with the goal of expanding minds to new styles, vibrations and colors.

Nothing like seeing the like minded come together, and join forces for the a greater cause. After hitting us with 'Label Love V1' earlier this year, featuring music picked by label heads from Ubiquity, Fania, Plug Research, ESL Music, Now Again, Tru Thoughts & Bastard Jazz, the series is back with a bang.

In their 2nd installment of a collaborative freebie, the sextet comprising of; Tru Thoughts, One Handed Music, Plug Research, Ninja Tune, Ubiquity, Melting Pot Music has curated a compilation consisting of a small appetizing catalogue of coordinated menus. Each label offers a little taste of it's own recipe for all to enjoy.

Featuring some known and lesser known faves, this is simply a perfect comp to pass along to the new and neophyte of these labels we love too much.


1. Hidden Orchestra - Wandering 04:33
2. Sonnymoon - Blast Off 04:11
3. Full Crate - Never Never 02:37
4. Paul White - Every Breath 02:10
5. Jed and Lucia - Painted Stars Refix 05:07
6. Bilal - Lost My Mind 04:37
7. Maddslinky - Ruled By Your Motions 05:20
8. Ahu - To:Love 03:49
9. Miles Bonny X The Ins - J Birly 02:41
10. Jono McCleery - Tomorrow 02:49

Quite the heavy list of dignitaries. And to boot, it's a freebie. Bad economy and all, there are some good folks who will share the wealth.

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