Stones Throw Podcast #64


2011 is only four days old, but early omens indicate that it will be an auspicious one for fans of mythologically delayed projects. Stones Throw opens up with label leader and DJ extraordinaire Peanut Butter Wolf on the 1′s & 2′s, the man runs through a slew of material that you can expect to drop on Stones Throw in 2011.

The rumored reunion of Madvillain, the self-proclaimed America's Most Blunted, promises to satisfy fans of the enigmatic principals, MF Doom and producer Madlib. Last year, the pair dropped "Paper Mill,' as part of Adult Swim's Singles Program, a 2-minute swerve of non-sequitirs, Brazilian soul and boasts about being on the cover of Playbill.

The latest teasers from the sequel to 2004's ballyhooed "Madvillainy" find Doom "thanking our sponsor for financing the parts for this Frankenstein monster/Along with my partner who's a bro of few words/we did this research for true nerds and two birds." Over angelic coos, Doom slips comfortably into his metal-faced villain role, casting off dire threats and slick double-entrendres. It's more sequel than revolution, as Doom and Madlib give the fans what they want and expect: dusty samples, dirty beats and slippery raps.

Once almost exclusively a haven for underground hip-hop, the label has expanded to include R&B, soul, funk, dance music and obscure archival gems from all corners of the world. Accordingly, Wolf's mix includes new tracks from our boogie-bustin' cousin Dam-Funk (solo and in collaboration with Slave frontman Steve Arrington), electronic renaissance man James Pants, turntable king J. Rocc and Mayer Hawthorne, along with a spate of newcomers who will probably be on the cover of Playbill at this time next year.

Track Listing:
Madvillain: Avalanche & Victory Lap
Madlib: Two from Rock Konducta
MED: Even Though & Play with You
Dam-Funk feat. GT: Rest in Peace
Dam-Funk: I Wanna Do Some Things Wit U
Steve Arrington: Good Feeling & Higher
Jonti Dan AKA Danimals: Hornets Nest & Christmas Worm
The Stepkids: Shadows on Behalf & La La
James Pants: Kathleen & Beta
Vex Ruffin: Walking Sideways & Avalanche
Myron & E: Let Me See You Do It & On Broadway
CX Kidtronik feat. Jon Wayne: The Buddykrak
CX Kidtronik feat. 4 5th: She’s A Murderer
J. Rocc: Rocchead’s Delight & Supersound
Anika: Terry & No One’s There
Mayer Hawthorne: Drums (Demo)
Bryant K Steward: Daisy’s Grow
Unknown Artist: Same Thing Tomorrow

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