1000 Names: Machine City EP


Following up on their excellent release on Black Acre, 1000names are back with “The Machine City” EP on Svetlana Industries. The Bulgarian duo consists of Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes, and their forthcoming Machine City EP is put out by Svetlana Industries following on from the releases on Black Acre and Eklektik. Whilst their previous slanted, J Dilla disciple style knocks made headway with me, this new EP feels like more of a distilled vision from them. Sitting straighter, often hitting on the beat rather than just after it, the five tracks have a suppleness to them that they really shouldn’t.

The 5 tracker has a variety of themes from a broodiness of “La Boheme” through the grooving beats of “Planet Video” and onto the atmospherics of “Machine City”.

All thick slabs of bass, with drums compressed to shit, the EP is powered by these little jaunty, arpeggiated synthesizers on tracks like the opener ‘La Boheme’ and the title track ‘Machine City.’ The tunes wriggle around, making neat work of any expectations; playing out like sketches of this grander idea where the day to day business of life, complete with jammed pavements and lines of careering rush hour traffic, is all populated by machines – ‘Planet Video’ in particular gives that frenzied feeling of compulsive movement like you cant ever stop still because of the rushes of the lines of movement tearing all around you.

Head to Svetlana Industries to grab this one, & stay alert for their new LP set to drop on Project Mooncircle in the coming days.

Artwork by Rimrimrim from France.


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