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Seth Haley is a man of many aliases. The synth obsessed producer has been programming in his self proclaimed mid-fi, synth-wave, slow motion funk style for nearly a decade, most recently basing himself somewhere in 80s Princeton, NJ under his Com Truise moniker. It's been a moment since he put together a Komputer Cast. Well, now he's back together with a new layout for his mini site and episode 5.

Trevor Bastow - Video Explosion
Brian Wade/Dave Cooke - Electric Boogie
Brian Wade/Dave Cooke - Flashdance
Doros Norton - Raptus
Frederick Rousseau - Overview Part 3
Proxyon - Space Travellers
Robert Vigor - Outsider
Anthony Hobson - Vega
David McLay - Electric Logos 8
Harry Forbes - Pulsing Coil
Bruce Mitchell & Rick Miller - Mechanique
Rick Miller - Power Drive
Brad Smith - Telemarketing
Jean-Louis Bucchi, Rolando Tambin & Terry Lipton - Technocity
James Asher - Electraglide
Claude Larson - Singdrum
Jeff Newmann - Midnight Dancer
Aszlo bencker, John Epping & Gregor F. Narholz - Robot Romance (b)
Anne Dudley - Pecking Order
Dave Hewson & Emmy Brine - Transmission
Other Side - Central
Harry Forbes - Videologo No. 3
M. Cannone - Jardin d'Enfants
Jan Pulsford - Back up
Jan Pulsford - Spectacular 2
Steve Everitt & Shiroda - Damaged
Chris Heywood - Zoom (CT Extended Mix)
Syn - Ident 323

Click here for the zipped download.


Conveniently, he's also curated the fourth episode in the musicForProgramming roster, previously involving Datassette & Sunjammer. Sold as a series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities). So weather or not you're getting down with your Commodore 64, C++, Objective-C, Ada or Mathematica, be sure to give this one a spin in the background.

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Banjomatic
Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Silicon Siren
Martin Walker - Armalyte 1 (Edit)
Caravelli & Patrick Vasori - Morse a L'infini
Harry Forbes - Scanner 2
M. Cannone - Sylphides
Boards of Canada - Whitewater
VHS Head - Motions
Oneohtrix Point Never - Grief and Repetition
Syn - 13
Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (Part 1)
Sarin Sunday - Luh
New Dreams Ltd - Upper Spheres of Consciousness
Vektroid - Walk with me Saturn
Syn - Hoarfrost
Robert Viger - Seasons

Right click here for the download.



Jeff said...

thanks for a link to my video, great content on this blog

Allochthonous Beats said...

Thanks for the support Jeff.

A keen eye shall be kept on your vimeo profile!

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